Masterchef Elimination Harry, Mimi, Elise in Finals Week 1

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination, Harry, Mimi and Elise all battle it out in an elimination challenge. They arrive in their black aprons at Masterchef headquarters. The meet the judges standing in front of them. Matt tells them that today’s challenge is about celebrating how far they have come since their first cook. The pantry of foods […]

Masterchef Finals Week Lake House Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef the final 5 contestants will be competing in a challenge at the 2-hatted Lake House restaurant in Daylesford. Gary tells the contestants that the contestants who cook the three worst dishes tonight will battle it out in an elimination tomorrow. Matt welcomes Alla Wolf-Tasker who is the owner/chef at Lake House. The […]

Masterchef Elimination Matt, Mimi, Trent 1

Tonight on Masterchef Matt, Mimi and Trent all compete in an elimination challenge. Tonight’s guest chef today is Christie Tania and the contestants will need to recreate one of her desserts with only 4 and a half hours on the clock. Christie describes her dish as terrifying. She then reveals the dish. They will be […]

Masterchef Finals Week Mystery Box Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef the final 6 contestants battle it out in a mystery box challenge. It’s finals week! Tonight in the mystery box it contains camel milk, pisco (Peruvian alcohol), kohlrabi, black King fish (Cobia), matcha, kaiserfleish, gochujang paste and mushroom leaves. They must use at least one of the ingredients out of their box […]

Masterchef Elimination California Week, Harry, Brett, Mimi

Tonight on Masterchef, Harry, Brett and Mimi compete in an elimination challenge. The contestants are met by the judges at their Intercontinental hotel. Tonight the contestants will be cooking at Curtis Stone’s restaurant Maude. They need to cook a dish that symbolises what the contestants want to do when this competition is all over. They […]

Masterchef California Week Food Truck Team Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef the contestants will be running their own food trucks at Santa Monica Pier. This is a team challenge so the teams will be split into two. Elena is through to finals week so she won’t be cooking tonight. They teams pic a token that tells them which team they are in. Red […]

Masterchef California Finals Week Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef Matt, Mimi, Trent and Elena compete in a challenge that will see the winner get a fast track pass into finals week. The contestants arrive at the Inglewood Estate in the Napa Valley. Inglewood Estate is a winery. A table of lovely produce is presented to the contestants. Pork, lamb, chicken, grapes, […]

Masterchef California Week Pressure Test

Tonight on Masterchef California week continues with a pressure test at the restaurant of Dominque Crenn. Trent cooked the dish of the day yesterday so he will not be cooking today. George tells the contestants today’s challenge is part pressure test and part team challenge. The contestants pulls knives out of the blocks which decides […]

Masterchef California Week 1

Tonight on Masterchef the contestants and judges arrive in San Fransisco California. Tonight the contestants get to compete in a mystery box challenge and an invention test. It’s no ordinary mystery box challenge as the contestants get to choose the ingredients of the mystery box. Each contestant gets to go to the shops and buy […]

Masterchef Elimination Matt, Mimi, Elena and Chloe

Tonight on Masterchef Australia, Matt, Mimi, Elena and Chloe will be competing in an elimination. Tonight’s challenge is a time auction where the contestants get to bid for foods they want to cook with but have to give up amounts of time to do so. The contestants begin with 120 minutes of time. There are […]