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Last Masterchef 2014 Immunity Pin Challenge

Tonight is the last Masterchef 2014 immunity pin challenge. It is Amy, Laura and Ben who will be up to win the immunity pin. Round 1 was the three contestants had to place the cuts of beef on an outline of a cow in the correct position. Laura was first to ask to be check, […]

Vikas Khanna

Who is eliminated tonight? Laura, Georgia, Renae or Amy? 1

Who is eliminated tonight? It’s Laura, Georgia, Renae and Amy who must replicate an Indian cuisine, cooked by the Indian Masterchef host and Michelin Star chef Vikkas Khanna. The dish the contestants have to cook was Rose-tea Smoked Chicken Tikka Masala.

Tash, Amy, Byron who was eliminated? 1

Tonight is a pressure test between Tash, Amy and Byron, who was eliminated? Marco Pierre White set the challenge, to replicate one of his famous dishes from his white heat cook book. The dish was roast pigeon with ravioli of wild mushrooms. Byron has been in the most pressure tests out of the three, is […]

Colin, Amy and Georgia Immunity challenge

What was in the Masterchef immunity challenge tonight? Colin, Amy and Georgia fought it out to have the chance to cook off for immunity. Round 1 First round, the contestants could good whatever they liked, but, they had to choose their “weapon of choice”. George had three boxes with cooking tools in there, a blow […]

Amy Shields Masterchef 2014 Contestant 1

The Masterchef Australia 2014 contestant Amy Shields is a 37 year old Learning Systems Administrator from Western Australia. Her dream is to write a best-selling cookbook and teach cooking classes.   See more Masterchef Australia 2014 Contestants.

Amy Sheilds