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masterchef elimination

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The Masterchef Elimination tonight is by Yotam Ottlenghi. The losers from the team challenge (the green team) are going head to head tonight.

The first round is a sight challenge. The contestants will see a thinly sliced cross section of an ingredient and have to get it right.

Arum is up first. He chooses a red onion and is correct. Next up is Diana, she chooses a radish and is correct. Next is Samuel, he chooses a kiwi fruit and is correct. Tamara chooses a rambutan and is correct. Lime, tomato, apple, lemon, pear, dragon fruit, nectarine, turmeric are all chosen next. Sarah is up next and is finding it hard to choose her next item. She chooses a small black item and says it’s black garlic. She is correct. Everyone is doing really well, it is getting harder. Arum is checking out a piece of fish, he’s thinking salmon or trout. He chooses trout and George tells him he’s wrong. He is now in round two. Diana is up next. She chooses the same piece of fish and this time says salmon. Samuel is up next. He chooses a purple item, he thinks it is sweet potato but he is wrong. Samuel is also in the bottom three. Tamara is up next, she chooses something and thinks it is celeriac but it isn’t. She is now in round two. Diana, Sam, Sarah and Karlie are all safe.

Arum, Samuel and Tamara now have to prepare for round two.

They get to use the pantry of the correctly named ingredients from round one and their normal staples which are under their benches. They have 75 minutes to cook a dish to keep themselves in the competition.

Samuel is cooking a vegetarian dish. A puff pastry tart with caramelised onions and tomatoes.

Arum is cooking a dessert with apples, something that reminds him of home.

Tamara is cooking a dessert as well, she is using nectarines. She is making a grilled nectarine tart with an ice-cream.

There’s 10 minutes to go and they are all finalising their dishes and preparing to plate up. Time is up! Who will be eliminated tonight?

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. Samuel is up first. He has made a caramelised onion and roast tomato tart with smoked ricotta. George says it looks lovely. They taste the dish. Gary says it’s delicious almost country cooking. Yotam says the ratio of filling to pastry is out.

Next up is Tamara, she has made a grilled nectarine tart. The are impressed with how it looks. The judges taste the dish. Gary says it’s delicious, George agrees. Yotam is not convinced of the flavour combination.

Finally it’s Arum’s turn. He has made a backyard apple crumble. The judges taste the dish. Gary says it’s delicious. Matt really likes it. George says it’s fantastic. Gary says this is his favourite dish.

It’s time to find out who is going to be eliminated. Matt says all of the dishes were great but Arum’s stood out the most, he is safe. Tamara is safe, Samuel has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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