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Sweet Week Mystery Box Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef, the cooks are greeted in the kitchen by a mystery box. Kirsten Tibballs a pastry chef from Savour in Melbourne has designed their boxes today. George tells the contestants to look under their benches, it reveals a large mallet. George tells them to smash their mystery boxes and when they smash the […]

Mystery Box – Ben Shewry from Attica

Tonight is a mystery box challenge put together by the head chef at Attica in Mlebourne Ben Shewry. What was in the Mystery box? The judges will only be tasting the top dishes, so the contestant’s dishes must not only taste great, but sound interesting and look good. Here are the ingredients for tonight’s Masterchef […]

Masterchef Quarter Finals Mystery Box Challenge 1

Tonight on Masterchef it’s the quarter finals. As the contestants walk into Masterchef headquarters they are greeted by the judges and all of the previous contestants up on the balcony. Gary says that in three days the 2016 Masterchef will be crowned. There’s two rounds today. The winner of round one gets straight through to […]

Masterchef Mystery Box For The Judges 2

Tonight on Masterchef it’s the judges turn to cook. The contestants arrive expecting to be receiving a master class. The doors suddenly open and all of the past contestants return. Matt tells the contestants that they will be starting with a mystery box challenge today but it’s not for the contestants it’s for the judges […]

Masterchef Finals Week Mystery Box Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef the final 6 contestants battle it out in a mystery box challenge. It’s finals week! Tonight in the mystery box it contains camel milk, pisco (Peruvian alcohol), kohlrabi, black King fish (Cobia), matcha, kaiserfleish, gochujang paste and mushroom leaves. They must use at least one of the ingredients out of their box […]

Masterchef California Week 1

Tonight on Masterchef the contestants and judges arrive in San Fransisco California. Tonight the contestants get to compete in a mystery box challenge and an invention test. It’s no ordinary mystery box challenge as the contestants get to choose the ingredients of the mystery box. Each contestant gets to go to the shops and buy […]

Masterchef Mystery Box challenge, ugly ingredients

Tonight on Masterchef, the contestants receive a mystery box full of ugly ingredients and need to turn it into a beautiful dish. The contestants arrive at the Masterchef headquarters. The mystery box is in front of them. Matt tells them the ingredients inside are quite exotic. There is monkfish, celeriac, morels, morton bay bug, blue […]

masterchef mystery box ingredients

MasterChef Power Apron

MasterChef Power Apron Week

It is power apron week on MasterChef. What is the power apron? It will give one contestant a game changing advantage. Luke Nguyen has put together a Mystery Box with one killer ingredient. The judges tell us that they won’t reveal what the power is until the contestant wins it. Here are the ingredients for […]

MasterChef Mystery Box Ingredients – Winner Straight Through to Immunity

First off, Matt tells the contestants that they need to keep their scraps tonight. George says the winner from the mystery box tonight will go straight through to the immunity challenge. The contestants have 60 minutes to cook a dish that contains at least one of the ingredients in the box. Here are the Masterchef […]

Masterchef Mystery Box Ingredients

masterchef nigella lawson

MasterChef Nigella Lawson Week

It is MasterChef Australia Nigella Lawson week. Nigella Lawson will be appearing in each MasterChef episode this week. It is a Mystery Box challenge and Nigella Lawson has personally chosen each ingredient. Here are the MasterChef Mystery Box Ingredients: Butternut Pumpkin Chestnut Chicken thighs Pippies Fresh ginger Pancetta Feta Cumin The judges are only tasting […]