Masterchef Spoilers

Who won Masterchef 2014? 1

Who won Masterchef 2014? From 24 contestants it was down to just 2, Laura and Brent. The two contestants had to cook off in a pressure test to determine the winner of masterchef. SPOILER: The winner of masterchef australia 2014 is below. It was Brent Owens who won Masterchef 2014.

Masterchef Semi Final 2014 2

Tonight is the Masterchef Semi Final for 2014. It is Brent, Emelia and Laura who will compete head-to-head with the two top cooks going in to tomorrow night’s final. See who wins the Masterchef Semi Final here. The contestants will have 4 hours to cook for 20 guests, plus the judges, so they will have […]

Masterchef 2014 finals week – Day 2 Who was eliminated? 1

It’s masterchef 2014 finals week day 2 and someone will be eliminated. Tracy, Laura, Brent, Jamie and Emelia are the remaining contestants and will cook off tonight to stay in the competition. Gary asked the contestants what they would like to cook tonight. The contestants answered him with their own ideas, but the challenge tonight […]

Laura Cassai

Who was eliminated? Laura, Sam or Byron?

Tonight Laura, Sam and Byron cook sushi for Nobu’s head chef. Laura cooked an amazing dessert last night, but the other two put up a very bad dish in the team challenge. Who was eliminated tonight? We’ll be keeping you up to date as the episode airs. Head chef of Nobu Melbourne, Nobu Matsuhisa, took Laura, […]

Masterchef Elimination Tonight – Only 3 Ingredients

Masterchef elimination tonight involved only three ingredients. The challenge involved three rounds. The first round, the contestants could choose 10 different ingredients from the bench and once they were gone, they were not available in the next round. Four contestant will be safe and six will have 20 minutes to cook in the next round with […]

Who was eliminated? Masterchef 2014 Eliminations

Here is a list of Masterchef’s elimination in 2014. The following are the eliminated contestants in the order they were eliminated. Each week a contestant has to undergo the pressure test, with the worst dish sending the contestant home. Spoiler: If you haven’t seen the latest episode you might not want to read on. 27th […]

Masterchef Winner – Spoiler

Masterchef winner announced here. Spoiler alert: do not read if you don’t want to know who won Masterchef Australia including past winners