Team Challenge – Helenic Republic

It is a team challenge tonight on Masterchef Australia. It is at George Columbaris’ own restaurant, Helenic Republic in Kew. The teams have to cook a Greek feast and the teams are chosen randomly by George. George brings out the dishes that will be cooked today. One is a lamb on a spit, each team […]

helenic republic

Masterchef Marco Pierre White Challenge 17

Tonight was Masterchef Marco Pierre White challenge. They contestants have to feed 120 people and replicate the dishes they were given. The losers will go into an elimination challenge. Jessica, Sara and Georgia were the blue team. They had to cook an entree of prawns, lamb for main and a puff pastry dish. Matthew, Billie and Reynold were […]

Apply for Masterchef Series 7

Masterchef is looking for contestants for series 7 and are wanting applications now. You can apply through castsugar here