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Curtis Stone Mystery Box

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It is the Masterchef Mystery Box tonight and it has been chosen by Curtis Stone. Who will win the advantage tonight?

Here are the ingredients in tonight’s Mystery Box:

  • Prosciutto
  • Tumeric
  • Thyme
  • Grapefruit
  • Rump of Beef
  • Raw Almonds
  • Wombok
  • Gorganzola Dolce

The judges are going to taste the top 3 dishes with the winner getting an advantage in the next challenge. The first dish to be tasted is Diana’s Rump Steak with Chargrilled Wombok and Grapefruit Reduction. The steak is cooked well, George says he likes it all. Curtis likes how the rump steak was treated, it was a “very very good dish”. Next was Ray’s Blue Cheese Ice Cream with Almond Crumb and Charred Wombok and Grapefruit. Matt says it is slightly bonkers but very tasty. Colin thinks it is a very successful dish. Finally, the last dish to be tasted is Sam’s Grapefruit, Almonds and Blue Cheese. Matt says it is a brilliant dish. George says the syrup is like gold. Colin agrees.

The judges choose Sam’s dish, he wins the mystery box challenge.

The next challenge is an invention test. A bunch of farmers walk in with their produce, including Lamb Racks, Banana’s, Sea Urchins, Finger Limes, King Fish, Capers, Turnips and more. Each contestant must use 3 of these ingredients and Sam gets to choose them. He chooses King Fish, Capers and Turnips.

The judges announce that the winner of this challenge will get the biggest advantage ever in Masterchef history. The prize is a “Power Pin”. It allows the winner to add 15 minutes to any one of their cooks from now until the finals. They have 60 minutes to cook their dish and have an open pantry.

The first dish is Michelle’s Japanese Cold Noodle Soup. Colin says it is a delicious dish, George and Matt agree. Arum has cooked Cured & Smoked King Fish. George says it doesn’t blow his mind. Colin couldn’t find the smokey flavour. Eloise made Whiskey Cured Kingfish but it was too strong. Ray made Cured King Fish with Caper Berry Pudding. Colin says there are way too many things going on in this dish. Matt says the capers were good, but the dish was confusing. Gary says he is in trouble. Tamara has made Kingfish Dumplings, Roasted Capers and Confit Turnips. She had trouble with her original idea, King Fish wing. Gary says the dish is like a weird ravioli with some other ingredients. Colin says the dough is “stodgey” but comments that she didn’t give up. Karlie has made Deconstructed Sushi Roll. Colin loves the presentation and the crunch of the crisp. Gary says it is absolutely yum. Matt says the crisp is delicious. Colin loves how inventive it is. Nicole has made Crispy Tacos with Gin & Lime Ceviche. She hoped to get four tacos up but only managed two. Colin says she makes a pretty good taco. Matt says the fish is fantastic.

Who will be going through to the Masterchef Elimination? Who will win the Power Pin?

Next is Sam’s Pan seared kingfish with leek ash, turnip leaf emulsion and turnip leaves. His fish is overcooked. Next is Diana’s Kingfish with Roasted Baby Turnips. George says he is excited by her cooking, this dish is tasty and the fish is cooked perfectly. Colin loved the choice of a chicken stock with a fish dish. It is decision time. The winner of the Power Pin is Karlie. The contestants going into elimination tomorrow night are Sam, Ray, Aram and Tamara.

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