Heston Week- Day 3 Salt Flats

Tonight on day 3 of Heston Week the Masterchef bus rolls up to the salt flats in Mildura. The bus pulls up to the salt flats and the contestants walk out to the middle of the salt flat to meet the judges and the contestants that will be in the end of week elimination. All of the contestants and judges are wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes from the blinding white salt flats.

Today’s challenge is all about the element of air. Today the contestants are cooking for the judges and some special guests as well. The challenge is a team challenge, 2 teams of four. The blue team is Arum, Eloise, Eliza and Ben. The red team is Nicole, Karlie, Tamara and Michelle

They need to cook an entree, main and dessert inspired by air and dessert must have a salty element. The least impressive team will join the other contestants in an elimination at the end of the week.

Blue team:

Entree- Salt cured trout

Main-Pork with crackling and cauliflower puree.

Dessert- Smoked cinnamon ice-cream

Red team:

Entree- Beetroot cured trout

Main- Duck with a corn puree

Dessert- Chocolate ganache

The teams plate up their first meals for today, the entrees, and the waiters take them out to the judges and the guests. First up they taste red team’s beetroot trout. Gary loves it, he says it’s pretty but a simple dish. Heston likes the curing of the dish. Matt likes the sour dough. Next up they taste the blue team’s trout dish. The judges comment that it is a very small entree. Matt says the dish is under seasoned. Gary does not like the watercress puree. He says it is not a dish. So far the red team is ahead.

Next up the teams start plating up their main meals. The red team’s duck dish goes out to the judges. Heston likes how the duck is cooked. Matt says the baby corn is delicious. Heston says they have done a really impressive job. Next the blue team’s pork belly dish goes out to the judges. The judges taste the dish. They love the crackling. Gary likes the jus. Matt says he loves it.

Finally it’s time for dessert. The red team takes their chocolate ganache dish out to the judges. They taste the dish and discuss whether sprinkling salt on the top of a dish at the end means that it contains salt. Finally it’s the blue teams turn. They take their cinnamon ice-cream out to the judges. The judges taste the dish. Gary says it’s a nice dessert but that they’ve rushed the chips. Heston likes it too.

It’s time to find out which team is safe and which team will be going into the elimination.

The blue team is safe and the red team is going into the elimination.

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