Who will return? Eliminated Contestants

The eliminated contestants have one chance to get back into the Masterchef kitchen, who will win tonight’s challenge and return to the Masterchef Kitchen?

The cook is in two rounds, round 1 is a savoury dish and round 2 is a sweet dish. The catch is that they can only choose one ingredient and they must use the same ingredient in both dishes.

Tamara is making some pot stickers and Brian is making dumplings too. Tamara is concerned about the judges comparing their dumplings and wonders if she has made the right choice. Leigh is cooking duck with cherries today. There’s 30 minutes remaining on the clock. Benita is smoking some fennel puree. Jess is cooking duck breast. Pia is making gnocchi again. Time is quickly running out and it’s time for the contestants to plate up their dishes. Who will get through to round two? Time is up!

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. They are looking for the 6 best dishes to go through to round two. Pete is up first. He has cooked a lamb dish. The judges are impressed with his use of mint. Pia has made gnocchi and the judges enjoy it. Josh has cooked quail and the judges enjoy it as well. Leigh has cooked duck breast and Gary says the sauce is sensational. Rashid has cooked a curry which the judges enjoy. Samuel has cooked quail, Gary says it is a cracking dish. Brian is up next. He has cooked dumplings. The judges taste the dish and love the dumplings, they finish the whole dish. Tamara is up next, she has cooked pot sticker dumplings. The judges taste her dumplings and they love them as well. So far all the contestants have done really well, it’s hard to pick who will go through to round two. Next up it’s Jess. She has made a pan fried duck breast. Gary says it’s solid cooking, two thumbs up.

The contestants going through to the second round are Jess, Samuel, Brian, Tamara, Pete and Leigh.

In round 2 the contestants must use the same core ingredient as round one. They have 60 minutes to produce a sweet dish.

Brian is making a ginger and lemon grass ice cream with a tuille and jelly. Jess is making a blackberry aero mousse with a sorbet. Leigh is making a chocolate cherry tart with a chocolate sorbet. Samuel is making a chai spiced panacotta with a stewed rhubarb. Pete is making an after dinner mint with a mint ice cream. Tamara is making a frozen nougat with chipotle chilli and chilli peanuts with a chilli caramel. The judges walk past Tamara’s bench and hint that they are worried about the chilli elements of the dish. Tamara decides to add pineapple to her dish. Pete was planning on making a sugar net to go over his dessert but he accidentally burns his caramel. The contestants plate up their dishes.

Time is up! The judges taste Jess’ dish first. She has cooked blackberry milk and lemon myrtle. The judges taste her dish. Gary says it’s delicious. Matt says she has set the bench mark for today. Tamara is up next. She has made pineapple, nougat and chilli. The judges taste the dish. Gary says it hits all of the boxes. George says delicious delicious delicious. Matt says it’s as good as Jess’ dish. Leigh, Samuel and Pete’s dishes were ok but not mind blowing. Brian is up next. The judges think his dish looks amazing. They taste the dish. Gary says it’s a very sophisticated dish. George says there’s so many complex flavours in the dish. Who is going to win round two?

It’s time to find out who will win their apron back and rejoin the competition. The judges say it was a very very close decision between Brian, Tamara and Jess. The winning dish belongs to Tamara. Tamara will return to the Masterchef kitchen.

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