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Masterchef Team Challenge – Vegetarian Meat Lovers

Tonight’s Masterchef team challenge is Yotan Ottolenghi’s vegetarian challenge. The twist is that this challenge is for meat lovers The captain of the Blue team is Callum and Samuel is the captain of the green team. The blue team is making a carrot dish, some flat breads, roasted cauliflower dish, mushroom dumplings and kibbe nayeh. The green […]

Masterchef Team Challenge Vegetarian Meat Lovers

Masterchef California Week Food Truck Team Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef the contestants will be running their own food trucks at Santa Monica Pier. This is a team challenge so the teams will be split into two. Elena is through to finals week so she won’t be cooking tonight. They teams pic a token that tells them which team they are in. Red […]

Masterchef Heston Ice-cream Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef the contestants are preparing themselves for the second Heston inspired pop-up restaurant. The judges meet the contestants at Brighton beach near the colourful bathing boxes. They will be using the bathing boxes as shops. 500 people will be coming down to Brighton beach to taste their ice-creams. Matt tells the contestants that […]

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Masterchef Heston Blumenthal Week, revolving restaurant challenge

Tonight on Masterchef Australia it’s Heston Blumenthal week. The contestants meet the judges at the Melbourne Star wheel in the Docklands. Gary tells them this week that they will be opening a Masterchef pop-up restaurant every day. Tonight for one night only the Star will become the world’s largest pop-up restaurant. Matt announces the guest […]

Masterchef Team Challenge with Curtis Stone

Tonight’s team challenge is with Curtis Stone. The contestants arrive at the restaurant Sails by the Bay. Theresa still has her power apron on. George tells them they are cooking a 6 course degustation in 6 teams of 2 for 50 people. Theresa has the power today and she can choose to sit out one […]

team challenge curtis stone

masterchef team challenge with kylie kwong

MasterChef Team Challenge Chinese with Kylie Kwong

It is Masterchef Team Challenge night with Kylie Kwong. The teams must cook Chinese food in Melbourne’s China Town. The team’s arrive in China Town. They are greeted by the judges. Gary explains that in honour of Chinese New Year the teams will be cooking a selection of Chinese foods. Kylie Kwong arrives. She will […]

Masterchef Maggie Beer Week

It is Maggie Beer week on Masterchef. The contestants arrive at Masterchef Headquarters and are expecting a mystery box. They walk in the door and notice there are no mystery boxes on their benches. The judges announce Maggie Beer as the guest judge today and the contestants are super excited. As Maggie is here, they’ve […]

Maggie Beer Week Masterchef

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Masterchef Team Challenge Nigella Lawson Fete

Tonight’s Masterchef Team Challenge is at the Melbourne Showgrounds. It is nigella week, so the dishes must feature jam. There will be 1000 – 2000 guests and the contestants will be split into three teams of six, each cooking three dishes. The winner will be decided by the guests, the two teams who make the […]

Team Challenge Huxtable and Pei Modern

It’s team challenge night on MasterChef. The teams are split into two and they have to cook meals for 30 guests of Huxtable and Pei Modern in Melbourne. The captain and vice captains of the teams will go to the restaurants and have to learn what they are going to cook without a pen and paper. […]

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Plough Hotel Team Challenge

Today’s challenge is set at the Plough Hotel in Footscray. It’s a team service challenge and Marco is running the pass. The contestants are standing in a line and George splits the line in half and half is now the red team and the other half is the blue team. Captains have been chosen. Each […]