Heston Week- Elimination

Tonight on Masterchef Diana, Sarah, Sam, Eloise, Callan, Nicole, Tamara, Karlie and Michelle compete in a huge Heston week elimination. Today behind the judges there are giant and unusual vegetables. There’s also a tray of Heston’s famous meat fruit mandarins. The contestants goal today is to deliver a dish that is not quite what it seems. They have 75 minutes and an open pantry to deliver a sweet or savoury dish that is not what it seems.

Michelle is cooking a coconut parfait. Tamara is making a sweet corn savoury ice-cream and cone. Sam is making a rosemary and vanilla semi-freddo that looks like a blackberry. Eloise is making a pate like dish thats actually layers of sweets inside. Callan is making a chocolate bar that’s actually savoury inside.

Sam has had to change his idea as he realises with the help of the judges that it’s not going to work out. Michelle is panicking as her coconut spheres are not frying as she would like them to. Gary gives her a pep talk and some good advice and she puts her sphere back into the blast chiller. Time is almost up and the contestants frantically plate up their dishes. Time is up and it’s time for the judges to taste the dishes.

Eloise is up first. She has made something that looks like a pate. The judges are really impressed with how it looks and tastes. Next up is Michelle. She has made a fallen coconut. The judges taste the dish. They all comment that the parfait is too hard and they’re not quite sure about the whole dish. Tamar is up next with her corn flavoured ice-creams. Gary and Matt both love it. Heston thinks she has done a great job. Next up is Karlie with her pea and ham soup. Diana has a duck and leek dish. Nicole has made a popcorn bucket. Sarah is up next. She has made charred corn. Sam brings out his fallen apple but the judges are not impressed. Next up is Callan with his chocolate bar dessert.

Michelle has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.


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