Masterchef 2014

Masterchef 2014 Final 1

Tonight is the Masterchef Australia 2014 Final. It is a pressure test between the two Masterchef finalists, Brent and Laura. Who won Masterchef 2014? We will find out tonight and we will be live blogging the show. The contestants will be cooking three rounds. There are 100 points and the contestant with the most points […]

Who won Masterchef 2014? 1

Who won Masterchef 2014? From 24 contestants it was down to just 2, Laura and Brent. The two contestants had to cook off in a pressure test to determine the winner of masterchef. SPOILER: The winner of masterchef australia 2014 is below. It was Brent Owens who won Masterchef 2014.

Masterchef Semi Final 2014 2

Tonight is the Masterchef Semi Final for 2014. It is Brent, Emelia and Laura who will compete head-to-head with the two top cooks going in to tomorrow night’s final. See who wins the Masterchef Semi Final here. The contestants will have 4 hours to cook for 20 guests, plus the judges, so they will have […]

Masterchef 2014 finals week elimination 2

Tonight is the last day of finals week with the Masterchef contestants who win tonight going through to the semi finals. Jamie, Emelia and Brent had to cook off with one contestant being eliminated. Tonight the contestants had 3 hours to cook a dish called “forest floor” by Martin Brent from Sepia restaurant. Brent had the recipe […]

Masterchef 2014 Finals Week – Vue De Monde Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef 2014 Finals Week the contestants, Jamie, Emelia and Brent, had to do a service at Shannon Bennet’s Vue De Monde. Laura was already through to finals week so did not have to participate in this challenge. The winner would be able to see the recipe for the pressure test tomorrow night and […]

Who is through to the Masterchef 2014 Semi Final?

Tonight one contestants is through to the Masterchef 2014 Semi Final. There are four contestants left, Emelia, Laura, Jamie and Brent. They were going to be split into two’s and each would cook off.

Masterchef 2014 finals week – Day 2 Who was eliminated? 1

It’s masterchef 2014 finals week day 2 and someone will be eliminated. Tracy, Laura, Brent, Jamie and Emelia are the remaining contestants and will cook off tonight to stay in the competition. Gary asked the contestants what they would like to cook tonight. The contestants answered him with their own ideas, but the challenge tonight […]

Laura Cassai

Masterchef 2014 finals week – Day 1 1

Tonight the contestants had to cook off in an invention test to find out who will be cooking in elimination tonight. The contestants worked hard, but in the end Jamie, Ben and Laura were up for elimination. They had to cook a dessert prepared by one of Australia’s best chefs. They all struggled in the […]

Heston Blumenthal Elimination on Masterchef 1

Tonight is a Heston Blumenthal Elimination on Masterchef. The contestants up for elimination are Ben, Tracy, Amy and Brent. Who will be eliminated tonight? Who will make it into finals week? Tonight is a very tough challenge to trick the eye and the mind. The contestants had 30 minutes to plan with Heston and 90 […]

Heston Blumenthal Masterchef Senses Challenge

Tonight was another Heston Blumenthal Masterchef Challenge, this one was about  four senses (five senses, minus taste). Amy had first choice because of winning last night, she chose sound. The rest of the contestants had a knife pull to decide the order. Jamie was first and chose smell, Laura was next and chose sight. This […]