Masterchef 2014

Masterchef Elimination Spoiler – Brent, Ben, Rachael and Tash 1

Masterchef Elimination tonight was between Brent, Ben, Rachael and Tash. Spoiler: We reveal who was eliminated tonight. The Contestants had to bid for ingredients at an auction between themselves. They started with 100 minutes and had to use these minutes in 5 minute intervals to bid on ingredients. Spoiler: We reveal who is eliminated below. The […]

Who was eliminated from Masterchef tonight? – Blind Taste Test

The Masterchef elimination tonight is a blind taste test followed by a sudden death cook-off. The losers from last night are all up for elimination, including Georgia, Sam, Rachael, Brent, Colin, Tash, Sean, Amy and Kira. Brent is the only person that is yet to win a team challenge and has been in every single […]

Who was eliminated? Masterchef 2014 Eliminations

Here is a list of Masterchef’s elimination in 2014. The following are the eliminated contestants in the order they were eliminated. Each week a contestant has to undergo the pressure test, with the worst dish sending the contestant home. Spoiler: If you haven’t seen the latest episode you might not want to read on. 27th […]