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Masterchef Heston Blumenthal Mystery Box 11

This week is Heston week on Masterchef. Tonight was a Mystery Box Challenge and the ingredients were from Australia’s first cookbook. Which contestants will be going to elimination tomorrow? It contained macadamia nuts, finger limes, lemon myrtle, bush tomatoes, warrigal greens, quandongs, wallaby and emu. The contestants must use at least one of the ingredients. The […]

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What was in the Mystery Box in World Cup Week?

Tonight’s Masterchef Mystery box challenge had a twist. The contestants were asked who would back themselves, with the winner of the mystery box challenge going straight to the immunity challenge and loser going straight through to the elimination pressure test. Half the contestants backed themselves. They were asked a series of questions starting with easy […]

Leftovers mystery box challenge

George Calombaris set this week’s mystery box challenge. His mystery box contained “trimmings”. George explained that in his restaurant, these are the parts that are used to cook staff dinners. This was their challenge, to make something nutritious and delicious. The top five dishes will be tasted, with the winner getting an advantage. They will […]