Who won Masterchef 2017? Masterchef Australia Winner 2

In the Masterchef Grand Final and there’s only one winner. Who won Masterchef 2017? Will it be Ben, Karlie or Diana, spoiler alert, find out the winner. First, there is a cook off to decide who will partake in the final. It is a service challenge. The contestants enter the room, the contestants are on […]

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Masterchef Winner

Masterchef Winner 12

Who won masterchef 2016? Tonight we find out the Masterchef Winner, will it be Matt or Elena that take home the grand final win? Spoiler: The Masterchef Winner will be announced here first in our live blog. It is the grand finale of Masterchef 2016 and the two contestants left, Matt and Elena are well […]

Masterchef 2014 Final 1

Tonight is the Masterchef Australia 2014 Final. It is a pressure test between the two Masterchef finalists, Brent and Laura. Who won Masterchef 2014? We will find out tonight and we will be live blogging the show. The contestants will be cooking three rounds. There are 100 points and the contestant with the most points […]

Who won Masterchef 2014? 1

Who won Masterchef 2014? From 24 contestants it was down to just 2, Laura and Brent. The two contestants had to cook off in a pressure test to determine the winner of masterchef. SPOILER: The winner of masterchef australia 2014 is below. It was Brent Owens who won Masterchef 2014.