Who was eliminated from MasterChef?

Find out who was eliminated from MasterChef tonight and who left MasterChef last night. Latest elimination news from MasterChef Australia.

Masterchef Elimination Semi Finals

Tonight on Masterchef one contestant will be eliminated in the semi finals. The three final contestants Elena, Harry and Matt will be competing in a service challenge. The contestants have been told in advance what the challenge is so they have already planned their menus. They arrive at Masterchef headquarters and are greeted by the […]

Masterchef Quarter Finals Mystery Box Challenge 1

Tonight on Masterchef it’s the quarter finals. As the contestants walk into Masterchef headquarters they are greeted by the judges and all of the previous contestants up on the balcony. Gary says that in three days the 2016 Masterchef will be crowned. There’s two rounds today. The winner of round one gets straight through to […]

Masterchef Elimination Harry, Mimi, Elise in Finals Week 1

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination, Harry, Mimi and Elise all battle it out in an elimination challenge. They arrive in their black aprons at Masterchef headquarters. The meet the judges standing in front of them. Matt tells them that today’s challenge is about celebrating how far they have come since their first cook. The pantry of foods […]

Masterchef Elimination California Week, Harry, Brett, Mimi

Tonight on Masterchef, Harry, Brett and Mimi compete in an elimination challenge. The contestants are met by the judges at their Intercontinental hotel. Tonight the contestants will be cooking at Curtis Stone’s restaurant Maude. They need to cook a dish that symbolises what the contestants want to do when this competition is all over. They […]

Masterchef Elimination Matt, Mimi, Elena and Chloe

Tonight on Masterchef Australia, Matt, Mimi, Elena and Chloe will be competing in an elimination. Tonight’s challenge is a time auction where the contestants get to bid for foods they want to cook with but have to give up amounts of time to do so. The contestants begin with 120 minutes of time. There are […]

Masterchef Elimination, Mimi, Theresa and Trent

Tonight on Masterchef Mimi, Theresa and Trent all compete in an elimination challenge. They arrive at Masterchef headquarters and are greeted by the judges. Matt says tonight’s pressure test is very difficult and then he announces tonight’s guest chef as Peter Gilmore from Quay restaurant in Sydney. Peter walks in with something hidden under a […]

Masterchef Elimination Heston Colour Challenge 5

Tonight on Masterchef seven contestants compete in an elimination. They arrive at Masterchef headquarters. They see a prism on a pedestal in the front of the room. The lights go out and a rainbow appears from the rainbow, the rainbow has seven colours. These are the colours the contestants will be using to cook with […]

masterchef elimination flyn mcgarry

Masterchef Elimination Theresa, Heather, Chloe, Anastasia 1

Tonight’s Masterchef elimination is a cook off between Theresa, Heather, Chloe and Anastasia. The challenge is set by 17 year old chef Flynn McGarry. Who will be eliminated from masterchef tonight? It is Anastasia’s first pressure test in the competition. New York chef, Flynn McGarry is only 17 years old. He started cooking in restaurants […]

Masterchef Elimination Trent, Nicolette, Chloe and Elise 2

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Trent, Nicolette, Chloe and Elise, who will be eliminated tonight? What do we know? It is going to be the hardest decision the masterchef judges will have to make. It is Chloe’s fifth time in elimination. Tonight will be two rounds. First, the four contestants will be split into two […]

masterchef elimination

Masterchef Elimination

Masterchef Elimination Elena, Zoe and Elise 2

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Elena, Zoe and Elise. They have to cook a dish by Ross Lusted in a two-cloche challenge. The contestants arrive at Masterchef headquarters and Elena, Zoe and Elise are greeted by the judges. Anastasia is also there as she has the power apron and is able to use it’s power […]