Who was eliminated from MasterChef?

Find out who was eliminated from MasterChef tonight and who left MasterChef last night. Latest elimination news from MasterChef Australia.

Masterchef Elimination – Sam, Ray, Arum & Tamara

The Masterchef Elimination tonight is between Sam, Ray, Arum & Tamara. It is a pressure test by chef Deniz Karaca, a tart. The contestants have 3 hours. Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight? It will be tough. All the contestants get off to a quick start. All the contestants tonight have been in elimination […]

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masterchef elimination

Masterchef Elimination – Yotam Ottolenghi

The Masterchef Elimination tonight is by Yotam Ottlenghi. The losers from the team challenge (the green team) are going head to head tonight. The first round is a sight challenge. The contestants will see a thinly sliced cross section of an ingredient and have to get it right. Arum is up first. He chooses a […]

Masterchef Elimination – 5 Dish Pressure Test 1

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is a 5 dish pressure test by Yotam Ottolenghi, contestants have to cook all 5 dishes in order to stay in the competition. The dishes are: Lamb Kofta Deep fried olives Butterbean Hummus Broadbeans Flatbread As a kicker, the contestants only have 60 minutes to make all the dishes. This is going […]

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Masterchef Elimination – Eggs 2

Masterchef Elimination tonight requires the contestants to use eggs. They have six eggs for the whole challenge and there are three rounds. Each round must feature an egg. There are Mee Goreng, Scotch Eggs and many other egg dishes being cooked. The contestants are all aiming to be safe after round 1, some using more […]

Masterchef Elimination – Jess vs Sam vs Trent

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is a pressure test between Jess, Sam and Trent. It is a challenge set by Josue Lopez. It is a taste of Australia. It contains several emu elements including emu feather pretzels and emu jerky. The dish is called “After the Eucalypt Fire”, it looks like a work of art. The contestants have 3 […]

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Blind Taste Test Masterchef Elimination

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is a blind taste test. The losers from last night’s challenge (the blue team) will be fighting to stay in the competition. Eloise has an immunity pin, will she use it? It is still sweets week. The challenge will be two rounds, the first is a taste test, the first three contestants to […]

Masterchef Elimination Floating Ice Cream Challenge

Who will be eliminated in tonight’s Masterchef Elimination? It is a challenge set by Christy Tania, a floating ice cream! It is Sam vs Bryan vs Trent. The pressure test is to create a floating ice cream. The recipe is insane. Nobody in the competition has cooked something like this yet. The contestants get started. […]

masterchef elimination floating ice cream

Masterchef Elimination: Ben, Benita, Arum, Nicole and Pete

Tonight on Masterchef the 5 contestants from the green team are competing in an elimination. They each have 90 minutes allocated to cook their dish but for each ingredient they choose from the shop minutes are detracted from their time, so the more ingredients they choose then the less cooking time they have. Arum gets […]

Masterchef Elimination – Pia vs Ray vs Pete

It’s a Masterchef Elimination pressure test tonight. Pia, Ray and Pete must compete against each other to cook a dish by Andy Bowdy. Who will be eliminated? The dish is a cake called “Rita”. It contains an amazing number of elements including a bavarois, crumb, merringue and so many more elements. The contestants have 4 1/2 […]

masterchef elimination rita

Masterchef Elimination – Josh vs Jess vs Michelle

Tonight’s Masterchef elimination is Josh vs Eloise vs Arum in a pressure test. The contestants have never been in a pressure test before and tonight’s cook off will be interesting. The first challenge was to cook the best chips. After this, the remaining contestants had to cook a dish with sweet potato. Josh cooked gnocchi but it wasn’t […]