Masterchef Elimination: Ben, Benita, Arum, Nicole and Pete

Tonight on Masterchef the 5 contestants from the green team are competing in an elimination.

They each have 90 minutes allocated to cook their dish but for each ingredient they choose from the shop minutes are detracted from their time, so the more ingredients they choose then the less cooking time they have.

Arum gets to choose from the ingredients shop first. He chooses ginger, sugar and pistachios so he has 70 minutes to cook his dish.

Nicole chooses ginger, sugar and pistachios as well. She has 70 minutes to cook with.

Ben chooses John Dory, artichokes and vanilla beans.

Benita chooses prawns, ginger and coriander and ketchup manis. She has 45 minutes to cook with.

Pete is last to choose from the shop. He chooses cherries, vanilla beans, sugar and pistachios. He has 65 minutes to cook with.


Time starts and Arun and Nicole begin cooking as they have 70 minutes to cook with.

Arun is making a ginger cake with a caramel sauce.

Nicole is making a steamed ginger pudding, Greek yoghurt sorbet and pistachio crumb.

Pete is up next. He is making a cherry and vanilla layer cake with a Greek yoghurt mousse.

Ben starts next. He is making a pan fried John Dory, artichoke hearts and a vanilla hollandaise sauce.

Benita is last to begin cooking. She is making prawn wontons with a prawn broth.

Benita has a disaster in the kitchen, she has forgotten about her broth and has burnt it on the stove. She quickly rushes and makes a sauce instead.

Time is up.

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes.

Arun is up first. The judges taste his dish. Gary says it’s absolutely delicious. Matt enjoyed it too and George says it’s yum.

Next up is Pete. The judges taste his dish. Gary says it tastes like a trifle. It is tasty though. George says it tastes better than it looks. Matt says its a Greek cherry trifle.

Benita is up next. She is quite disappointed with her dish. The judges taste her dish. Matt says he likes the wonton dough. He wonders where the ketchup manis is.

Next it’s Ben’s turn. The judges taste his dish. Gary says the Dory is cooked beautifully. George loves the artichokes. Matt says the dish shows lots of technique.

Finally it’s Nicole’s turn. The judges taste her dish. Matt says the praline is the best part of the dish. George got a lot of dry cake and could only really taste cake batter.

It’s time to find out who is eliminated from Masterchef Australia tonight.

The judges reveal their decision. Benita has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.


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