Masterchef Heston Ice-cream Challenge

source: twitter

source: twitter

Tonight on Masterchef the contestants are preparing themselves for the second Heston inspired pop-up restaurant. The judges meet the contestants at Brighton beach near the colourful bathing boxes. They will be using the bathing boxes as shops. 500 people will be coming down to Brighton beach to taste their ice-creams. Matt tells the contestants that they will need to make savoury ice-cream today. Heston asks the contestants to make ice-cream that reminds them of their childhoods.

Each team needs to make two flavours of ice-cream. The judges will be tasting the ice-creams and judging on creativity and flavour.

The teams are Matt and Harry, Theresa and Elena, Mimi and Elise and Chloe and Brett.

Matt and Harry are playing around with some ideas for their ice-creams. They are making a prawn cocktail ice-cream and a vegemite and butter ice-cream and a gazpacho.

Chloe and Brett decide to do a mascapone, rosemary and bacon ice-cream and a smoked beetroot, dill and goats cheese ice-cream and a carrot and ginger ice-block.

Mimi and Elise are making waffle cones, ginger, cucumber and mint ice-blocks, pea and prosciutto ice-cream and a sour cream and chives ice-cream.

Elena and Theresa are making a mustard and bacon ice-cream. Theresa is making the waffle cones but is finding it is difficult to do.

Heston and George question Chloe and Brett on their use of goats cheese, but Chloe decides they’re going to go ahead with it anyways.

Theresa is still having trouble with her waffle cones. The judges walk past and tell her she needs to put sugar in the mix. While Theresa is taking her time with the waffles Elena is busily preparing the two ice-creams and ice-block by herself.

Finally Theresa makes her first successful waffle cone, then she realises she is going to run out of batter and that she will need to make many many more batches to have enough cones for service.  Both Theresa and Elena are worried that they are not going to be ready on time. Theresa decides to make an eggless ice-cream to try and save time, she just doesn’t have the time to crack so many eggs.

Mimi is working on her sour cream and chive ice-cream. Heston tastes a sample of Elise and Mimi’s ice-block, he’s worried its a bit too sweet.

Harry begins his waffle cone making, but then decides ordinary cones are boring so he decides to make waffle cone baskets. There’s 1 hour to go.

Matt and Harry and Theresa all take their ice-cream out of the churner and their ice-creams come out lovely and smooth. Brett and Chloe take theirs out of the machine and it is dry and crumbly looking, they don’t have time to fix it and are worried that they’ll have to serve it as it is.

Chloe and Brett put their mascapone ice-cream mix into the churner. Chloe starts putting the carrot ice-blocks into plastic bags but the carrot juice has risen to the top and the soda water is at the bottom, they have separated and look like a mess.

The guests arrive for ice-cream. The contestants take all of the cones and ice-cream mixes to their bathing boxes to get ready to serve the guests. They start serving and the queues are huge!

masterchef Heston

source: twitter

The judges taste Matt and Harry’s vegemite and toast ice-cream. They like the texture and the crumbs that really remind them of vegemite on toast. Next they taste the gaspacho ice-block. The judges love it. The final blue team ice-cream is the prawn cocktail. The judges taste it and say it looks awesome. Matt says it’s as good as restaurant quality one.

The next team to get tasted is the red team, Elise and Mimi. The judges taste the pea and ham ice-cream first. They cannot taste the peas. Matt says he doesn’t like it at all. Next is the red team’s ice-block but the judges think it is too sweet. Their final ice-cream is sour cream and chives. Heston says it’s yum, it’s delicious. Gary says the consistency is great.

Next up is the yellow team, Elena and Theresa. They have made a mustard and bacon ice-cream. Matt says it is delicious. Gary says it is the best ice-cream so far. Heston says it’s truly delicious. Next is their lemon and rosemary ice-cream. Heston says there is something wrong with it. They say it is bland and doesn’t taste nice. Finally they try their ice-block. They like it as it’s salty and sour and fresh.

Finally it’s the green team’s turn, Brett and Chloe. The judges taste the beetroot ice-cream first. George tastes it and says it’s buttery and fatty and has a yucky consistency in their mouths. Next is a mascapone, rosemary and bacon ice-cream. Gary loves the flavour combination. Finally it’s their carrot ice-blocks. The judges notice that the ice-blocks have separated. Matt says there is no carrot flavour.

It’s time to hear who will be going into elimination with Trent and Heather. But first the judges say which dishes were their favourites. Theresa and Elena’s mustard ice-cream was a favourite and also their ice-block was highly rated. The other team that impressed the judges was Matt and Harry, they loved the ice-block and the prawn cocktail ice-cream. The yellow team and the blue teams are safe.

Red team is also safe. The green team, Brett and Chloe will be going into an elimination with Trent and Heather.

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