Masterchef Team Challenge – Vegetarian Meat Lovers

Masterchef Team Challenge Vegetarian Meat Lovers

Source: Twitter

Tonight’s Masterchef team challenge is Yotan Ottolenghi’s vegetarian challenge. The twist is that this challenge is for meat lovers

The captain of the Blue team is Callum and Samuel is the captain of the green team.

The blue team is making a carrot dish, some flat breads, roasted cauliflower dish, mushroom dumplings and kibbe nayeh.

The green team is making an eggplant dip with flatbreads, carrots with a harissa style sauce and mushroom and goats cheese tarts, grilled halloumi and two salads.

Callum from the blue team decides last minute to add some extra dishes, some sweet potato crisps and some eggplant dip.

Time is running out and all of the teams are rushing to have their dishes ready on time. All of the dishes made it out to the tables on time. The judges taste all of the meals. Both teams had hits and misses but Callum’s blue team won tonight. Green team will be in an elimination tomorrow.

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