Masterchef Heston Blumenthal Week, revolving restaurant challenge

masterchef heston week

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Tonight on Masterchef Australia it’s Heston Blumenthal week. The contestants meet the judges at the Melbourne Star wheel in the Docklands. Gary tells them this week that they will be opening a Masterchef pop-up restaurant every day. Tonight for one night only the Star will become the world’s largest pop-up restaurant. Matt announces the guest chef today, Heston Blumenthal. He says he wants the contestants to get their inspirations from the stars tonight. It is a team challenge, 5 teams of 2. The teams are Chloe and Harry, Matt and Theresa, Elena and Mimi, Brett and Elise and Trent and Heather. Gary tells them the Star does not stop and if you miss your pod your opportunity to get your meal on board is gone. If they are in the least impressive team today they will be going straight into an elimination. Each team needs to cook a main and dessert.

The teams being their prepping. Chloe and Harry are hoping to re-do Anna’s mess, a dish he had done already in an elimination. They are doing a beef dish for their main. Theresa and Matt are making a sweet dish with black rice and a chicken dish for the main. Trent and Heather are making a duck dish for the main and a chocolate sponge cake with cream. Elena and Mimi are making a Kingfish dish and a uzu syrup cake. Brett and Elise are making a scallop dish with leeks and a chocolate dome with chocolate mousse.

The teams have one hour of preparation to go. Elise has tempered her chocolate and has covered her moulds for her dome dessert. She decides her chocolate is too thick and is sticking in the moulds, so she’s going to re-temper her chocolate. Gary is a little worried that Mimi and Elena are only just starting their dessert now with 50 minutes to go. Heather is having trouble with her cake recipe, it looks too thick. Gary tells Matt that he’s worried that he is not going to be ready for service. There’s 15 minutes to go. Brett is concerned that he won’t get all of the elements of his dish ready on time.

The guests arrive at the Star ready to board their individual pods which have been fitted out with a dining table. Service time is almost here. Gary notices that Chloe has cooked her beef and then put it into the oven to finish it off. He asks to see the beef and she takes it out, he instantly tells her the beef is overcooked. She is going to have to start again. Chloe decides to cook the steak to order.

The red team is up first. They get their food to the pod on time. The yellow team gets their chicken dish up to the pod on time. The green team is up next. Then the blue team. Maroon team is next. Trent is a little worried that his duck is overcooked. The whole process is completed again. Matt and Theresa plate their dish up in a hurry and get to the pod as they can see it starting to move off, they’re worried they’ve missed it. The waiter runs and makes it to the pod with their dishes just as the pod moves off.

Heather gets a head start on her desserts as Trent is fine plating up the mains. She plates the dish up with some cream and berries. Gary walks past and tastes her cream, he tells her the cream has split. She will need to make it again.

The main courses have all gone out. It’s time to plate up the desserts. Heather has fixed her cream and has re-plated up her dish. The yellow team sends out their dessert and the judges taste it and really enjoy it as their first dessert. The judges taste Heather’s sponge cake but are disappointed as it very heavy. The judges taste Elise’s chocolate sphere dish. Heston says the dish is quite heavy and bitter. Next up they taste Mimi’s dessert. They comment that it looks great but is too sweet. Next up is Harry’s big bang dish. The judges have fun dropping their chocolate half sphere on their plate and enjoy the filling.

It’s time to find out what the judges thought of the dishes. 3 dishes really stood out to the judges. They liked Theresa’s dessert. They also liked Elena’s main dish and Harry’s dessert.

Trent and Heather will be in the elimination at the end of the week. They will not be able to cook for the rest of the week.

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