Masterchef Team Challenge with Curtis Stone

team challenge curtis stone

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Tonight’s team challenge is with Curtis Stone. The contestants arrive at the restaurant Sails by the Bay. Theresa still has her power apron on. George tells them they are cooking a 6 course degustation in 6 teams of 2 for 50 people. Theresa has the power today and she can choose to sit out one contestants, which means they cannot be eliminated and she cannot choose herself. Theresa decides to choose Anastasia and now she is safe from elimination.

George now allocates the teams of two. Gary allocates the order of what the teams are cooking in with a knife block.

Elise and Trent in the green team have to cook the first course.

Matt announces a guest chef to assist the contestants today, it’s Curtis Stone. Curtis has chosen a theme for the teams to cook around, and that theme is citrus. They will not find out what citrus they will have until they get into the kitchen.

The top 4 teams are safe and the bottom 2 teams will be going into an elimination.

Elise and Trent get mandarine as their core ingredient. They decide to make a fresh prawn salad with mandarine and rocket.

Next up is Harry and Karmen, they have lemon to work with. They want to work with seafood too. They decide to make a lemon sashimi.

Heather and Matt are up next, they have orange to work with. They decide to use duck to complement the orange. They are making a crispy skin duck breast with a madeira and duck jus.

Next up is Mimi and Brett, they have lime. They decide to cook eye fillet with beetroot and lime.

Gary, George and Curtis question Elise and Trent on whether their dish is sophisticated enough to be part of degustation menu. Elise and Trent need to think about how to improve their dish. They decide to make a pesto with the rocket but still need to think of some other way to highlight mandarine.

Theresa and Elena are up next. They are making a dessert course with a tangelo. The girls were hoping to make a warm sticky pudding but Curtis says it should be something light.

Elise and Trent decide to cure their prawns in the mandarine juice and make it a cold dish. The diners arrive at the restaurant.

Finally it’s Nicolette and Chloe’s turn. They have a ruby red grapefruit. Curtis tells them the final course should be something hearty and warm. The girls decide to ignore his advice and are going to make something light and fresh anyways.

Service time has started. Elise and Trent serve their dish to the judges. Elise hopes the prawns have cured long enough in the juice. The judges say the dish looks delicate and pretty. They taste the dish. George is not sure if he likes the feeling of the prawns on his palate. Matt describes them a bit like jelly prawns but he loves the flavour of the mandarine.

Harry and Karmen’s service time starts now. They present their dish to the judges. The judges say the dish looks beautiful. Matt says its a perfect dish for a degustation. Gary says he loves the creme fresh and the oily salmon.

Matt gets his duck breast on to the stove and he assumes he has 30 minutes to cook his duck. Curtis tells him he only has 10 minutes to cook the duck and that he better hope that the team before him is slow.

Curtis tells Matt that his first plate should have gone out right about now but Matt is still cooking the duck. He says the customers will just have to wait a little while. They finally plate up their dish and send it out to the guests. Matt and Heather take their meal to the judges. The judges like the presentation. They taste the dish. Gary says it’s a great combination of flavours. George likes the combination of the orange, fennel and beetroot. Matt likes everything about the dish except the duck.

Chloe and Nicolette decide to add a chocolate ganache to their dish. Curtis asks what they are cooking. Curtis tells them again that it’s the last course and it should be a rich dish.

It’s Mimi and Brett’s turn to serve their dish. They take their dish out to the judges. The judges love the dish and Gary comments that the beef is cooked really well.

Next it’s Theresa and Elena’s dish. They plate it up and take it out to the judges. The judges love the dish and say it really highlights the tangelo. George says it’s really yum. Matt says it’s salty, sweet, sour and crunchy. Gary says he loves the texture of the dish. 

Finally it is Nicolette and Chloe’s turn. Their sorbet churner is overflowing. Nicolette is not sure about the consistency of the sorbet. The girls begin plating up their dish. They take it out to the judges. The judges like the look of the dish but question why they have just had a granita and are now getting a sorbet. They are not impressed. The judges taste the dish. Gary says the dish is really refreshing and heroes the grapefruit but the dish is not what they expected to finish off the degustation meal. 

It’s time to reveal how the contestants did today. The dish of the day belongs to Theresa and Elena today, the judges loved it.

The two teams that will be going into tomorrow’s elimination are the green team, Trent and Elise, and the purple team, Chloe and Nicolette.

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