Immunity Challenge

Masterchef Immunity Pin – Reynold vs Jessie vs Billie vs Sara

Tonight on Masterchef it was an immunity challenge with a guaranteed immunity pin. Reynold had the power apron so had special power tonight. The night was divided into three rounds. Two pairs will cook against each other with the winners competing in round 3 for the immunity pin. There were 6 proteins, goat, beef, pork, pippies, […]

Masterchef Immunity Challenge – Jacqui vs Jessica vs Matthew 2

Tonight’s Masterchef Immunity Challenge is the winner of the team challenge from Sunday night. Jacqui, Jessica and Matthew are up to win the immunity challenge tonight. Round 1 Round 1 was a “plating up” challenge. There were a stack of plates and a stack of ingredients. The contestants had to plate up George’s Moussaka from […]

Masterchef Immunity Challenge Georgia vs Anna vs Ava

Tonight was the Masterchef Immunity Challenge with Georgia, Anna and Ava. The first round was a kitchen “triathlon”. The contestants had to dice an onion, whip three egg whites and joint a chicken. The winner of the triathlon round will get to cook for immunity. Anna was first to finish the onion, but had to […]

Masterchef Immunity Challenge – Georgia vs Matthew vs Billie

Tonight’s Masterchef immunity challenge was Georgia vs Matthew vs Billie. The first round was a Masterchef egg challenge. The contestants had a single egg, which they had to make a dish out of. The winner of this round will face Josh Pelham, head chef of Estelle in Melbourne in a cook-off. Round 1 In the […]

Last Masterchef 2014 Immunity Pin Challenge

Tonight is the last Masterchef 2014 immunity pin challenge. It is Amy, Laura and Ben who will be up to win the immunity pin. Round 1 was the three contestants had to place the cuts of beef on an outline of a cow in the correct position. Laura was first to ask to be check, […]

beer challenge

Tracy, Laura and Colin’s Beer Immunity Challenge

Tonight was an immunity challenge with a twist. Tracy’s power apron allowed her to choose who would be in the challenge, she chose herself, Laura and Colin. The first round was a Beer challenge. The contestants had to make a bar snack including beer as the core ingredient. Laura made chicken skewers with a sticky […]

Marco Pierre White Team Challenge

Tonight was an English team challenge set by Marco Pierre White. The contestants had to cook a sitting at the Taxi Kitchen in Melbourne. The Masterchef red team were: Renae (captain), Ben, Amy, Jamie, Georgia and Tracy. The Masterchef blue team were: Emelia (captain), Colin, Tash, Laura, Brent and Kirra. For entree the blue team […]

Laura Cassai

Marco Immunity Pin Challenge

Does Laura win Marco’s Immunity Pin Challenge? We know from the promo that Laura has to face the guest chef tonight. The first challenge was an onion challenge. Laura, Ben and Tracy all had to finely dice an onion. Marco did the demonstration of the correct technique, he was meticulous and diced his onion without […]

Colin, Amy and Georgia Immunity challenge

What was in the Masterchef immunity challenge tonight? Colin, Amy and Georgia fought it out to have the chance to cook off for immunity. Round 1 First round, the contestants could good whatever they liked, but, they had to choose their “weapon of choice”. George had three boxes with cooking tools in there, a blow […]

Tiny Mystery Box First Immunity Challenge

Tonight was the first immunity challenge of Masterchef this year. The winner receives the immunity pin, to use at any of the elimination challenges down the track. The mini mystery box was filled with tiny things, quail, quail eggs, beetroot, mini leek. They couldn’t use anything from the garden and only had a few staples. The contestants […]