Masterchef Immunity Pin – Reynold vs Jessie vs Billie vs Sara

Tonight on Masterchef it was an immunity challenge with a guaranteed immunity pin. Reynold had the power apron so had special power tonight. The night was divided into three rounds. Two pairs will cook against each other with the winners competing in round 3 for the immunity pin.

Guaranteed immunit

There were 6 proteins, goat, beef, pork, pippies, flathead or chicken and various countries flags to choose from. The dish will need to include the protein as the main ingredient and be a cuisine from a specific country.

Round 1

Reynold had the power apron, so he went first in picking his competitor, cuisine and protein. He chose Jessie, Pipis and French

Reynold cooked steamed pipis with butter emulsion and herbs. Gary came over while he was cooking the dish and said it’s a bit small, kind of needs something else doesn’t it? It was a very small dish. Garry loved that he had removed the little bad parts of the pipi, it was sophisticated but small. George said he played it safe. Matt said he liked it, it had a good french flavour

Jessie made a tarragon and dill nage with pipis and cauliflower. Gary said it looks gorgeous and the balance with the nage was spot on. The pipis were cooked perfectly. George said it was full of flavour and the pipis had bite. Shannon really loved it and would easily put it on his menu. Matt also said he loved it.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The winner of round 1 was Jessie.

Round 2

It was a coin toss to see who would choose the parts of the dish first. Billie won and she chose the cuisine and picked UK. Sara could then choose the protein and chose the flathead.

First up for tasting is Sara’s dish. She has made a butter and herb fried flathead with garden vegetables and pan fried potatoes. Shannon likes the potatoes but says that the fish is overcooked. Matt loves the dish but not the fish.

Billie is up next. She has cooked fried flathead with potato three ways. Gary says the fish is cooked well. George says there are flaws with the dish, especially the aioli, he liked the potatoes though.

There is no clear winner yet so the judges have to deliberate on who will go through to the next round.

The winner of round 2 was Billie. Sara’s fish was overcooked.

Round 3

It comes down to Billie against Jessie. It’s a coin toss to see who decides on the core ingredient. Billie wins the coin toss and can choose the cuisine or the protein. They get 60 minutes to cook. Billie chooses the cuisine of Chinese. Jessie chooses the chicken. It is a blind tasting so the judges leave. Shannon sticks around to guide the cooks.

Jessie is making a fresh soup with noodles and a chicken roulade.

Billie is making chicken maryland with an orange and star anise glaze.

The first dish to be tasted belongs to Jessie, she’s cooked a Haianese chicken soup. George says the chicken is cooked well. Matt says it’s a lovely, fresh and light dish. Gary says she probably should have cooked her own noodles.

Next up is Billie’s dish. She’s made twice cooked orange and cinnamon glazed chicken. Matt can only say oh wow. The sauce is sweet and the chicken is cooked beautifully and is falling off the bone. George says it is delicious.

It’s time to decide who will with the immunity pin and the power apron.


Gary- 8/10

Matt- 8/10

George- 8/10

Total 24/30



Matt- 9/10

George- 9/10

Gary- 9/10

Total 27/30

Billie wins the immunity pin and the power apron tonight on Masterchef.

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