Masterchef Immunity Challenge – Georgia vs Matthew vs Billie

Tonight’s Masterchef immunity challenge was Georgia vs Matthew vs Billie. The first round was a Masterchef egg challenge. The contestants had a single egg, which they had to make a dish out of. The winner of this round will face Josh Pelham, head chef of Estelle in Melbourne in a cook-off.

Round 1

In the first round, the Masterchef contestants only had a single egg. It was hard, Billie boiled her egg, but didn’t leave it in long enough. It went everywhere and she had to end up scrambling it. Matthew’s poached egg also wasn’t cooked long enough and at the end of the challenge it was undercooked and the yolk cracked. Georgia fried her egg, but the pan was too hot and it was bubbling when she put it in.

First up was Billie’s scrambled egg with prosciutto and mushrooms. Marco said he couldn’t detect the egg, but she had created something that was really tasty. George said it was a challenge all about the egg, but it wasn’t there.

Next was Matthew’s poached egg with asparagus, prosciutto, scallops and peas. Marco so he think he went wrong at the start, by the way he poached the egg. He should have put all his energy into poaching the egg, rather than the rest of the components.

Finally it was Georgia. Her recipe was a fried egg with goats cheese and black bean and tomato salad. Marco stared at Georgia. Matt Preston said it had nice flavours, the salad was fresh and vibrant against the butteriness of the egg. She was the only one to have cooked and presented a whole egg in her dish, so Georgia is through to the next round.

Round 2

Josh Pelham from Estelle in Melbourne was up against Georgia in this round. Georgia had a head start. They had to cook with seafood, Georgia loves seafood, but she struggled to come up with a dish. Shannon Bennet was her mentor. He helped her stop stressing and think. She came up with something.

Her dish was raw Prawn and Scallops in a seafood and fennel broth. The idea was that when the judges pour the broth over the ingredients, they will cook perfectly. Marco said it was “really smart”. It looked great, Matt said to Marco “you haven’t enjoyed a dish this much in Masterchef”. He said it was spot on. George said it was a cracking dish, his only criticism was the prawn was undercooked. Gary agreed.

Josh’s dish was Marron and Mussels with Truffle and Leek. The dish was delicious. The sauce was a great idea, it gave the dish a creaminess. Marco doesn’t like Salmon caviar though, it was one of his pet hates and he thought it ruined the dish for him. The other judges loved the dish.


Georgia’s Dish

Gary – 7/10
George – 8/10
Marco – 8/10
Matt – 8/10

Total: 31/40

Josh Pelham’s Dish

Gary – 8/10
George – 9/10
Marco – 7/10
Matt – 9/10

Total: 33/40

Josh wins tonight and Georgia does not get the immunity pin.

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