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MasterChef Mystery Box Ingredients – Winner Straight Through to Immunity

First off, Matt tells the contestants that they need to keep their scraps tonight. George says the winner from the mystery box tonight will go straight through to the immunity challenge. The contestants have 60 minutes to cook a dish that contains at least one of the ingredients in the box. Here are the Masterchef […]

Masterchef Mystery Box Ingredients

masterchef nigella lawson

MasterChef Nigella Lawson Week

It is MasterChef Australia Nigella Lawson week. Nigella Lawson will be appearing in each MasterChef episode this week. It is a Mystery Box challenge and Nigella Lawson has personally chosen each ingredient. Here are the MasterChef Mystery Box Ingredients: Butternut Pumpkin Chestnut Chicken thighs Pippies Fresh ginger Pancetta Feta Cumin The judges are only tasting […]

What are the MasterChef Mystery Box Ingredients chosen by the viewers? 1

Tonight is the MasterChef Mystery Box challenge and it is the first time that the ingredients have been chosen by the viewers. What are the masterchef mystery box ingredients? Tonight it is Cauliflower, Maple Syrup, Coconut, Goats Cheese, Okra, Lemon Myrtle, Beef Mince and Arrow Squid. There are a few interesting ideas. Con is making a […]

MaterChef Mystery Box Ingredients

Billie McKay Mystery Box

Billie McKay Mystery Box Challenge

It is the first Mystery Box challenge on MasterChef Australia 2016. Billie McKay, former MasterChef winner is the special guest tonight and she has chosen the mystery box ingredients. They are Duck, corn flakes, mushrooms, fennel, black tea leaves, sago, ginger wine, beetroot. The contestants have 75 minutes to cook something with the ingredients, the […]

Masterchef Mystery Box – Top 8

Tonight was Masterchef Mystery Box. It was the top 8, definitely the business end of the competition. There were 8 Mystery Boxes that the contestants have already cooked with in the competition. Each contestant had to pick a box, they couldn’t see what was in it. Matt had the “use everything” mystery box, he was […]

Masterchef Heston Blumenthal Mystery Box 11

This week is Heston week on Masterchef. Tonight was a Mystery Box Challenge and the ingredients were from Australia’s first cookbook. Which contestants will be going to elimination tomorrow? It contained macadamia nuts, finger limes, lemon myrtle, bush tomatoes, warrigal greens, quandongs, wallaby and emu. The contestants must use at least one of the ingredients. The […]

Masterchef Power Apron and Guaranteed Immunity Pin

Tonight’s Masterchef started as a mystery box challenge. The winner of the mystery box challenge will win the power apron tonight. The mystery box contained figs, blue cheese, rosmary, honey, kaiserfleisch and apples among a few more ingredients. The contestants had to use every ingredient in the box. All the contestants did well in this round. […]

MasterChef Poh’s Mystery Box

Tonight was the first episode of the MasterChef super stars. It was Poh’s Mystery Box Challenge. The mystery box tonight had prawns, palm sugar, chillis, lime, cocounut and a few other asian inspired ingredients. The contestants had to use one of these ingredients in their dish and in the first round, the judges will taste […]

Maggie Beer Mystery Box Challenge

Tonight was the Maggie Beer Mystery Box challenge. Masterchef has been advertising “What is in the box” all last week, you can’t eat it and you can’t cook with it. The mystery box contained secateurs and gloves. The contestants had to use ingredients from the Masterchef garden, it contained herbs, fruit and vegetables. The judges will […]

Tracy’s Mystery Box Power

Tonight was the first night of Tracy’s power and she chose the mystery box. The ingredients she chose were: Lemon Sugar Snap Peas Skate Custard Apple Mint Goats Cheese Jerusalem Artichoke Nutmeg A lot of the contestants had not cooked skate before, some had not even tasted it, so Emelia and Brent both cooked a […]