Sweet Week Mystery Box Challenge

Tonight on Masterchef, the cooks are greeted in the kitchen by a mystery box. Kirsten Tibballs a pastry chef from Savour in Melbourne has designed their boxes today.

George tells the contestants to look under their benches, it reveals a large mallet. George tells them to smash their mystery boxes and when they smash the box it reveals that the box itself is made of chocolate. In addition to using the chocolate from the box, the mystery box contains coconut, raspberries, mint, instant coffee, coffee beans, green tea, nectarines, desiccated coconut and dark rum.

Some additional ingredients that they are allowed to use include Icing sugar, gelatine, citric acid, bi-carb soda and glucose.

Each contestant quickly begins preparing a mystery box dish. They have an hour and a half to prepare their dish.

Only 5 dishes out of the 19 are going to be tasted by the judges, who will it be?

The first dish the judges want to taste belongs to Brian. He has made a fallen ice-cream with a coffee tuile and marshmallows. Kirsten loves the textures and the cones. Gary says it is delicious. George says he has done a really wonderful job.

Next is Eloise. She has made a coconut sponge and coffee jelly trifle. The judges taste her dish. Gary loves it and says its a winning dish, it’s delicious. Kirsten says she could have eaten the whole thing herself.

Next up is Arum. He has made a raspberry sorbet with matcha and chocolate. The judges taste his dish. Matt says it’s and incredibly thoughtful dessert. He says he smashed it.

Next is Eliza, she has made her version of an iced vovo. Gary says it’s delicious. George agrees. Matt also says he loves it. The judges realise it’s going to be a hard decision tonight.

Finally they want to taste Pete’s dish. It’s a coconut, white chocolate shell with a coconut ice-cream and a raspberry jelly. The judges are impressed with the dish. They taste it. Matt says it is a brilliant dessert. The ice-cream is heavenly.

Who will the judges choose as the winner, which contestant will win the advantage. The judges have chosen Pete’s coconut dish.

It’s time to find out what Pete’s advantage will be for the invention test.

The next guest chef is Janice Wong.

George, Janice and the contestants enter the pantry. There is an edible art installation made by Janice. Gary says the contestants need to create a dessert using flowers as their inspiration. The top three will go into an immunity challenge, the bottom three will go into a pressure test. Pete gets an advantage of 30 minutes and Janice mentoring him one on one.

Time is up and some dishes look amazing although some other contestants have struggled.

Top three dishes belong to Callum, Sam and Diana. They will compete in an immunity challenge.

Bottom three dishes belong to Brian, Trent and Samuel. They will compete in a pressure test and one person will be eliminated.



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