Masterchef 2015

Masterchef 2015 Winner 35

Tonight is the Masterchef 2015 Grand Final, who wins Masterchef 2015? We will be live blogging tonight so stay tuned to find out the Masterchef winner. It is Billie vs Georgia in a Heston Blumenthal pressure test. There will be three rounds tonight. Whoever has the most points at the end of the three rounds […]

Masterchef 2015 Semi Final 25

Tonight was the Masterchef Semi Final. Who was eliminated tonight and who is going into the Masterchef 2015 Grand Final? The contestants have four hours and an open pantry, they can cook anything they like but had to make 20 mains and 20 desserts. One person will be eliminated. Georgia and Billie both started by […]

Masterchef Elimination Jessica vs Reynold vs Billie 14

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Jessica, Reynold and Billie. Who will be eliminated tonight? It is a pressure test and they must cook a fish dish. Unfortunately, Masterchef updated their facebook site too early and spoiled who was eliminated from masterchef tonight. It’s Thursday night and we’re going to write up the episode anyway 🙂 […]

Masterchef Elimination Spoiler Who was Eliminated Tonight? 1

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination was accidentally spoiled before the episode aired. Who was eliminated from masterchef tonight? Scroll down to see.       Masterchef apologised wholeheartedly immediately after they realised, but it was too late, the message was already out there. The twitter backlash was huge, especially since Channel 10 would seek damages if any of […]

Masterchef Press Club Challenge – Who is safe? 27

Tonight’s Masterchef Challenge is a cook off at Georges Press Club restaurant. One contestant will be safe and the rest will go through to an elimination tomorrow. Each contestant must cook one of George’s dish and 35 VIPs and chefs will be eating at the restaurant. The dishes were: Monocrhome, a greek green salad and […]

Finals Week Cook Whatever You Like 4

Tonight on Masterchef we are down to the final four and the contestants can cook whatever food they like. The final four contestants are Reynold, Billie, Georgia and Jessica. The judges greet the contestants and outline today’s challenge. Gary says the good news firstly is that no one is going home today and the winner […]

Masterchef Elimination Reynold, Jessica, Sara 10

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Reynold, Jessica and Sara. It is a molecular gastronomy pressure test. The challenge was set by Gastro Park Sydney head chef Grant King. The contestants will be recreating a dish called “Liquid Butternut Gnocchi”. It had a lot of elements. Who is eliminated from Masterchef tonight? Let’s find out. The contestants […]

Mastchef Final Mystery Box for 2015 2

Tonight was the final Mystery Box for 2015. Each contestant is able to choose one ingredient, then the judges will pick the rest of the ingredients. Georgia went first and chose figs, Jessica chose prawns, Reynold chose almonds, Sara chose squid and Billie chose beetroot. It was time for the judges to choose their ingredients. George chose lemons, Gary chose […]

Masterchef Elimination Matthew, Reynold, Sara, Jessica 4

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination was between Matthew, Reynold, Sara and Jessica. Marco Pierre White is in the kitchen and the contestants must cook a dish from their childhood. Matt Preston was not able to be on the show tonight, so Marco will be the third judge. Marco explained that when he was a young man, he […]

Masterchef Team Challenge Jacques Reymond 5

Tonight was a Masterchef Team Challenge. The winning team will be straight through to the finals and the losing team will join Matthew and Reynold in elimination tomorrow. They are at one of Jacques Reymond’s restaurant. They had to plan the menu and order the food. They had a budget, $1000 for tonight’s challenge. The contestants […]