Masterchef 2015

Masterchef Immunity Pin Challenge Georgia, Sara and Jessica 6

Tonight was the final Masterchef Immunity Pin Challenge It is the last chance to get an immunity pin and guaranteed entry into the finals. Whoever wins today gets a game changing advantage in tomorrow’s challenge. Today’s challenge is to make something sweet to go with a cup of tea. They have 30 minutes to make it, cook […]

Masterchef Elimination… or not! Matthew vs Reynold vs Billie 2

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is Matthew, Reynold and Billie in a Marco Pierre White pressure test. The contestants have to keep up with Marco in a cooking challenge. There is no recipe, they just have to copy everything he does. He was making a double lamb chop on a crepinette. The dish that was closest in […]

Masterchef Elimination Auction Georgia, Jessie, Reynold

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Georgia, Jessie and Reynold and it is an Auction. The contestants have 100 minutes and will have to bid on ingredients to use in their dishes tonight. The ingredients they win, they have to cook with and the left over minutes are how long they have to cook with. The first […]

Masterchef Individual Challenge – Top 7

Tonight’s Masterchef team challenge was at Circa, The Prince in St Kilda. It was a 7 course degustation menu and each contestant was responsible for one dish. They started with a knife-pull to see who would be cooking which course. They find out the main ingredient they will be cooking with when they enter the kitchen. […]

Masterchef Immunity Pin Jessie, Reynold, Georgia, Sara 2

Tonight’s Masterchef Immunity Challenge started with Jessie, Reynold, Georgia and Sara in a challenge to guess the herbs under the kloshes. Jessie and Reynold won this challenge and they both had the chance to win a pin each tonight. They had to impress the judges with their dishes against the executive chef of Iceberg, Jaclyn and […]

Masterchef Elimination Matthew, Jessica, Billie, Ashleigh 2

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Matthew, Jessica, Billie and Ashleigh. Who was eliminated from masterchef tonight? It was a pressure test, set by Darren Purchese, was a recipe called “Passion Flower”. It was an intricate, delicate dish with many, many parts. The contestants will have 2 hours and 45 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes […]

Masterchef Mystery Box – Top 8

Tonight was Masterchef Mystery Box. It was the top 8, definitely the business end of the competition. There were 8 Mystery Boxes that the contestants have already cooked with in the competition. Each contestant had to pick a box, they couldn’t see what was in it. Matt had the “use everything” mystery box, he was […]

Rick Stein Masterchef

Masterchef Elimination Result – Rick Stein

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination was between Georgia, Jessie, Matthew, Ashleigh, Amy and Billie. Ashleigh has an immunity pin. Who was eliminated from Masterchef tonight? Rick Stein was the guest chef tonight. The contestants had to pick a fish and a cuisine from a basket, they couldn’t see what they were picking. They had to cook the fish in […]

Masterchef Team Challenge – American Style Barbecue Challenge 8

Tonight’s Masterchef Team challenge was an American Style Barbecue Challenge. The contestants were divided into three teams of three. Only one team will be safe from elimination tomorrow. The blue team was Sara, Jessica and Reynold. The yellow team matthew ashleigh and Amy. Finally, the blue team was Jessie, Billie, Georgia. The guest chef tonight was American “champion […]

Masterchef Immunity Challenge Sara vs Jessie vs Jessica

Sara, Jessica and Jessie are competing for immunity tonight. In the first round they are competing to see who can make the best batter. The winner of round one will compete against the guest chef. In round one they need to make a dish that showcases batter. It needs to be golden and crispy on […]