Tash Shan

Tash, Amy, Byron who was eliminated? 1

Tonight is a pressure test between Tash, Amy and Byron, who was eliminated? Marco Pierre White set the challenge, to replicate one of his famous dishes from his white heat cook book. The dish was roast pigeon with ravioli of wild mushrooms. Byron has been in the most pressure tests out of the three, is […]

Masterchef Elimination Spoiler – Brent, Ben, Rachael and Tash 1

Masterchef Elimination tonight was between Brent, Ben, Rachael and Tash. Spoiler: We reveal who was eliminated tonight. The Contestants had to bid for ingredients at an auction between themselves. They started with 100 minutes and had to use these minutes in 5 minute intervals to bid on ingredients. Spoiler: We reveal who is eliminated below. The […]

Tash Shan Masterchef 2014 Contestant 1

Tash Shan, Masterchef 2014 contestant, is a 27 year old from the Australian Capital Territory. She is a social media manager and wants to open a Melbourne style café in Canberra focused on good coffee, great food and great service. See more Masterchef Australia 2014 Contestants.

Tash Shan