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Masterchef Elimination- Karlee, Diana and Tamara 1

Tonight on Masterchef Karlee, Diana and Tamara battle it out another finals week elimination. Tonight the contestants have no restrictions, they get to design their own dish. The can cook with any ingredients and cook in any style. They have 75 minutes to cook one delicious dish. Diana is cooking seafood, crayfish in a Thai […]

masterchef elimination top 5

Masterchef Elimination – Top 5 Surprise Elimination

It is the top 5 surprise Masterchef Elimination. Ben, Tamara, Karlie, Diana and Arum are cooking tonight to stay in the competition, who will be eliminated? The contestants have no restrictions on what they can cook, they are fighting for their place in the top 4. They will be cooking for some of Australia’s very […]

Masterchef Elimination – Sarah vs Diana vs Karlie

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Sarah, Diana and Karlie. Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight? It’s a pressure test set by Shaun Quade. The dish is Pearl-fection. It has many many steps, 8 pages in fact, and the contestants have 3 1/2 hours. Right off the bat, Diana has forgotten a step. She hasn’t put […]

masterchef elimination sarah diana karlie

Masterchef Elimination- Sarah, Tamara and Karlee 2

Tonight on Masterchef Sarah, Tamara and Karlee face an elimination. Sarah still has her immunity pin to play and if she plays it tonight then Eliza will automatically take her place. As it is the last time Sarah can play her pin she decides to use it putting Eliza in her very first elimination. Tonight’s […]

Masterchef Elimination – Diana vs Ben vs Eloise

It is Diana vs Ben vs Eloise in tonight’s Masterchef Elimination. The pressure test is Kylie Millar’s Nest, Who will be eliminated tonight? The contestants get off to a flying start. Both Ben and Diana smash through the first couple of elements. Eloise spends the first part of the cook reading the entire recipe. This […]

masterchef elimination kylie miller

Masterchef Elimination Japan Week – Callan, Sarah and Tamara

Masterchef Elimination this week is in Japan. It is Callan, Sarah and Tamara cooking off to stay in the competition. Who will be eliminated tonight? The challenge tonight is to create a dish that represents both their past and their future. They have 75 minutes of cooking time. Sarah decides not to play her immunity […]

Masterchef Elimination – Sam, Diana, Eloise, Callan

The Masterchef Elimination tonight is different to the others. Several sets of ingredients will be revealed in 15 minute intervals. Who will be eliminated? The first pantry ingredients are herbs and spices, nobody starts cooking. 15 minutes later, the second pantry items have been revealed, they are fruit & vegetables. Eloise jumps at this opportunity […]

Masterchef Elimination

paul carmichael masterchef elimination

Masterchef Elimination – Arum vs Nicole vs Callan

Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight? It’s a Pressure Test by Chef Paul Carmichael. Arum, Nicole & Callan cook in tonight’s Masterchef Elimination. The contestants have 3 1/2 hours to cook three dishes by chef Paul Carmichael. It is also Callan’s first Pressure Test. The main dish is a fish fry, followed by blood sausage, […]

Heston Week- Elimination

Tonight on Masterchef Diana, Sarah, Sam, Eloise, Callan, Nicole, Tamara, Karlie and Michelle compete in a huge Heston week elimination. Today behind the judges there are giant and unusual vegetables. There’s also a tray of Heston’s famous meat fruit mandarins. The contestants goal today is to deliver a dish that is not quite what it […]

masterchef elimination pot luck

Masterchef Elimination – Pot Luck

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is “Pot Luck”. The contestants pick a bench to cook at, covered by a black sheet. What could be underneath it? The contestants peel back the sheet. Each bench has different ingredients and utensils. Some have meat, others have fish. Some have pots and pans, others have ovens. This is all they […]