Masterchef Elimination- Karlee, Diana and Tamara 1

Tonight on Masterchef Karlee, Diana and Tamara battle it out another finals week elimination. Tonight the contestants have no restrictions, they get to design their own dish. The can cook with any ingredients and cook in any style. They have 75 minutes to cook one delicious dish.

Diana is cooking seafood, crayfish in a Thai style broth. Karlee is cooking a Chinese style dish, pork belly with crispy rice cakes. Tamara is making a chocolate brownie, she is inspired by memories of campfires. She is making a campfire brownie, baked in an orange, the cuisine she has chosen is Chinese. Karlee wants to feature chilli in her dish, Matt comes along and tastes her dish so far. He is blown away by the heat and advises her to maybe think about if it will be too overpowering. Tamara thinks her dish needs an extra element so she begins to make a sauce. She checks on her brownies and is worried as there is only 10 minutes remaining. Karlee chops up her rice cakes and fries them until they are crispy. There’s 5 minutes remaining and Diana makes a kaffir lime leaf oil. She sieves her broth then passes it through a muslin to get a nice clear broth. It’s time to plate up and the girls all hurry to get their dishes on their plates. Time is up. Who will be eliminated tonight?

It’s time for the judges to taste the first dish, it’s Diana’s dish. She has cooked Thai style broth with crayfish. The judges think the dish looks delicious. They taste the dish. Gary says he loves it, he thinks it’s delicious. George says it’s a cracking dish. Matt says it’s an elegant dish. Next up is Karlee. She has made spicy xo with pork belly and crispy rice cakes. The judges think the dish looks amazing. They taste the dish. George says he loves it so much. It’s delicious. Gary says it was beautifully done and he loved the xo sauce. Matt agrees and says it is delicious. George says that Tamara’s dsh needs to be a cracker as the other two dishes have been amazing. Tamara is up next with her campfire brownie and Chinese spiced ice cream. Gary says the sauce and the ice cream is sensational. Matt loves the Chinese spices and thinks they work well together. However the brownie has not cooked. Matt says he likes his brownie fudgy not sludgy. It looks like Tamara is in trouble tonight.

Tamara has been eliminated from Masterchef Australia tonight.


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