Masterchef 2013

Daniel Kelty

Daniel Kelty is a 35 year old stay-at-home dad from NSW. His Irish heritage has given him a dream to modernise traditional irish cooking.

Dan Churchill

Dan is a 23 year old fitness coach from NSW. He enjoys surfing with his mates and has authored a healthy eating cookbook.

Clarissa Dodawec

Clarissa is a 44 year old opera singer from Victoria. Clarissa grew up influenced by her mother’s Ukrainian food.

Christina Batista

Christina Batista is a 31 year old stay-at-home mum from NSW. Her dream is to open a funky 1950’s style cafe and wants to prove to her children that it is never too late to follow your dreams.

Andrew Prior

Andrew is a 40 year old ex-insurance underwriter from Victoria. His favorite cuisine is French and wants to open a French bistro with an Aussie twist.