Colin Sheppard

Tracy, Laura and Colin’s Beer Immunity Challenge

Tonight was an immunity challenge with a twist. Tracy’s power apron allowed her to choose who would be in the challenge, she chose herself, Laura and Colin. The first round was a Beer challenge. The contestants had to make a bar snack including beer as the core ingredient. Laura made chicken skewers with a sticky […]

beer challenge

Colin, Amy and Georgia Immunity challenge

What was in the Masterchef immunity challenge tonight? Colin, Amy and Georgia fought it out to have the chance to cook off for immunity. Round 1 First round, the contestants could good whatever they liked, but, they had to choose their “weapon of choice”. George had three boxes with cooking tools in there, a blow […]

Colin Sheppard Masterchef 2014 Contestant

Colin Sheppard owns the vineyard, Flaxman Wines in the Eden Valley and he joined the Masterchef competition with the dream to one day open a restaurant in his vineyard. Colin is a 51 year old winemaker from South Australia. See more Masterchef Australia 2014 Contestants.

Colin Sheppard