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Masterchef Immunity Pin Trent, Elena, Matt, Karmen 1

It is a Masterchef Immunity Challenge today between Trent, Elena, Matt and Karmen. One of these contestants will cook off to win the immunity pin. Today they are competing in a skills test. The first test is to crack 12 eggs and keep the yolks, the second test is to rocher 5 scoops of ice-cream […]

masterchef immunity challenge

masterchef immunity pin eclair challenge

Immunity Pin Challenge, Chloe, Brett and Trent

Tonight on Masterchef Australia three contestants compete for an immunity pin. Chloe, Brett and Trent all desperately want the chance to win the immunity pin. They arrive at Masterchef Headquarters and Chloe says she’d love to win another immunity pin as she already has one. Guest chef Shannon Bennett is also here to help out […]