Byron Finnerty

Tash, Amy, Byron who was eliminated? 1

Tonight is a pressure test between Tash, Amy and Byron, who was eliminated? Marco Pierre White set the challenge, to replicate one of his famous dishes from his white heat cook book. The dish was roast pigeon with ravioli of wild mushrooms. Byron has been in the most pressure tests out of the three, is […]

Who was eliminated? Laura, Sam or Byron?

Tonight Laura, Sam and Byron cook sushi for Nobu’s head chef. Laura cooked an amazing dessert last night, but the other two put up a very bad dish in the team challenge. Who was eliminated tonight? We’ll be keeping you up to date as the episode airs. Head chef of Nobu Melbourne, Nobu Matsuhisa, took Laura, […]

Byron Finnerty Masterchef 2014 Contestant

Byron Finnerty joined the Masterchef 2014 competition as a 27 year old deckhand from Victoria. His goal is to cook alongside his favourite chef, Ferran Adrià, from the Michelin starred restaurant elBulli in Spain. Along with Sarah, he is also a former model, however has tried to keep this secret from the public. See more Masterchef Australia 2014 Contestants.

Byron Finnerty