Immunity Challenge

Masterchef Immunity Pin Trent, Elena, Matt, Karmen 1

It is a Masterchef Immunity Challenge today between Trent, Elena, Matt and Karmen. One of these contestants will cook off to win the immunity pin. Today they are competing in a skills test. The first test is to crack 12 eggs and keep the yolks, the second test is to rocher 5 scoops of ice-cream […]

masterchef immunity challenge

masterchef immunity pin eclair challenge

Immunity Pin Challenge, Chloe, Brett and Trent

Tonight on Masterchef Australia three contestants compete for an immunity pin. Chloe, Brett and Trent all desperately want the chance to win the immunity pin. They arrive at Masterchef Headquarters and Chloe says she’d love to win another immunity pin as she already has one. Guest chef Shannon Bennett is also here to help out […]

Immunity Pin Jaffle Toastie Challenge 1

Tonight on Masterchef Australia is the Immunity Pin challenge. There are two pins up for grabs, Nicollete already has one, but there might be two more at the end of tonight. There are four contestants, Chloe, Mimi, Brett and Karmen. The first challenge will be to cook in pairs. Chloe won the previous challenge and […]

immunity challenge

immunity pin harry

Nigella midnight snack immunity pin challenge

Tonight on Masterchef Matt Preston and Nigella Lawson arrive at the Masterchef house and wake up Mimi, Harry and Karmen. They want them to cook a midnight feast, one of Nigella’s favourite things. Nigella is looking for the contestants to cook something bold and pleasurable. The contestants have 30 minutes to cook something for a […]

Immunity pin popcorn challenge

Tonight on Masterchef Australia Con, Anastasia and Nicolette battle to win the immunity pin. Only one the contestants will get through to the next round. Con, Anastasia and Nicolette arrive at Masterchef headquarters. Shannon Bennett is also back in the kitchen to guide the contestants. The first round is when the three cooks cook off […]

jake kellie

First Masterchef Immunity Pin Challenge

It is the first masterchef immunity pin challenge for MasterChef 2016 and it is Olivia, Nidhi and Zoe cooking off to win. Who will win? The contestants have to cook pasta and a sauce in the first round. The winner will be cooking against Jake Kellie of the Estelle in Melbourne. He is the young chef of the […]

Masterchef Immunity Pin Challenge Georgia, Sara and Jessica 6

Tonight was the final Masterchef Immunity Pin Challenge It is the last chance to get an immunity pin and guaranteed entry into the finals. Whoever wins today gets a game changing advantage in tomorrow’s challenge. Today’s challenge is to make something sweet to go with a cup of tea. They have 30 minutes to make it, cook […]

Masterchef Immunity Pin Jessie, Reynold, Georgia, Sara 2

Tonight’s Masterchef Immunity Challenge started with Jessie, Reynold, Georgia and Sara in a challenge to guess the herbs under the kloshes. Jessie and Reynold won this challenge and they both had the chance to win a pin each tonight. They had to impress the judges with their dishes against the executive chef of Iceberg, Jaclyn and […]

Masterchef Immunity Challenge Sara vs Jessie vs Jessica

Sara, Jessica and Jessie are competing for immunity tonight. In the first round they are competing to see who can make the best batter. The winner of round one will compete against the guest chef. In round one they need to make a dish that showcases batter. It needs to be golden and crispy on […]

Tonight’s Masterchef Australia Immunity Challenge – Matthew vs Ashleigh vs Rose

Tonight’s Masterchef Immunity Challenge was between Matthew, Ashleigh and Rose. One of these contestants will cook off against the guest judge with a chance to win immunity. The challenge was “Grandmother Kitchen”, it was a sticky date pudding challenge, but they only had the utensils from grandmothers kitchen. This means there were no powered appliances, only […]