Masterchef Elimination- Sarah, Tamara and Karlee 2

Tonight on Masterchef Sarah, Tamara and Karlee face an elimination. Sarah still has her immunity pin to play and if she plays it tonight then Eliza will automatically take her place. As it is the last time Sarah can play her pin she decides to use it putting Eliza in her very first elimination. Tonight’s elimination challenge starts with a letter from the girls’ loved ones, they are to use it as inspiration for their dish tonight.

Karlee is using oysters. Eliza is cooking rainbow trout and Tamara is cooking macarons. Karlee is making an oyster cream, she’s panicking as she cannot get it to thicken up and she really wanted to be able to pipe it onto the plate. She decides to try and whip it by hand. Tamara pipes out her macarons but she realises that she won’t have times to let them rest and form a skin. Eliza is making a fennel seed cracker. She decides to add some fresh horseradish to her dish so she runs out to the garden and pulls out a huge piece of horseradish. She runs back into the kitchen to clean it up and prepare it for her dish. Karlee is relieved that her oyster cream has finally thickened. Tamara goes and checks on her parfaits in the blast freezer, they are runny and have not set. She is concerned that she might not have anything to fill her macarons with. Tamara decides to use liquid nitrogen to freeze her parfaits quickly. There’s 8 minutes remaining. The contestants begin plating up and finalising their dishes. Time is up! Who will be eliminated tonight?

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. First up is Karlee with her oyster dish. The judges are really impressed with how the dish looks and they can see her inspiration. George says its one of the best things he has tasted in a long long time. Gary says this is one of her best dishes. Next up is Eliza with her Rainbow trout dish. The judges taste her dish. Matt says it’s delicious. George says that she’s taken them to beach at Sorento. He did say the fish was a little dry. Gary says he loves it. The final dish belongs to Tamara, she has made macaron parfait sandwiches. George says it looks amazing. They taste the dish. Gary loves it, George loves the cheesiness. Matt says it’s an exciting dessert. Who will be eliminated tonight? Will it be Eliza as her fish was dry? All three contestants had good reactions from the judges.

It’s time to find out who will be eliminated. The judges said that they found it really difficult to choose who would be going home. Eliza has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.


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