Masterchef Elimination Japan Week – Callan, Sarah and Tamara

Masterchef Elimination this week is in Japan. It is Callan, Sarah and Tamara cooking off to stay in the competition. Who will be eliminated tonight?

The challenge tonight is to create a dish that represents both their past and their future. They have 75 minutes of cooking time.

Sarah decides not to play her immunity pin tonight and she will participate in the challenge.

Callan is making a sushi style dessert. He is making a roasted rice ice cream and a nori crisp with a salmon crumb.

Sarah is making something called steam boat. She is making pork with mushrooms, taro and wombok.

Tamara is making dumplings with a spicy broth.

George and Gary are quite concerned about Callan’s idea to make a sweet sushi dish. They are also concerned that Tamara’s dumplings might be too simple.

There’s 15 minutes of time remaining and the contestants are finalising the elements of their dishes. It’s time to plate up their dishes. Time is up! Who will be eliminated tonight?

It’s time for the judges to taste the first dish, it’s Sarah’s steamboat dish. The judges like the modern look of the dish. Gary says it smells good too. They taste the dish. Gary says he cannot fault the dish, it’s wonderful. George says the Taro is delicious. The next dish belongs to Tamara. She has made pork dumplings in a spicy broth. The judges say the dish looks good. Gary is happy to see crispy chicken skin on the dish. Matt says it is just delicious. Gary is almost licking his bowl clean. George says it is better than Sarah’s dish, it’s next level. Finally it’s time to taste Callan’s dish. He has made dessert sushi. Matt says its tasty. George says its innovative and new. Gary says the rice ice cream could have had more flavour. It seems that the judges have decided that Tamara is safe. It is between Sarah and Callan, who will be eliminated tonight?

Callan has been eliminated from Masterchef Australia tonight.

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