Masterchef Marco Pierre White Challenge 17

Tonight was Masterchef Marco Pierre White challenge. They contestants have to feed 120 people and replicate the dishes they were given. The losers will go into an elimination challenge.

Jessica, Sara and Georgia were the blue team. They had to cook an entree of prawns, lamb for main and a puff pastry dish. Matthew, Billie and Reynold were the red team. Entree was duck breast with tortellini, Snapper and a vanilla yoghurt sorbet and a berry jelly.

Marco was a tough chef. He came over to Matthew and asked him why he was using the wrong knife, told him to use a boning knife.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Jessica was cooking a lamb loin. She had to cut down 12 lamb necks and put them in a pressure cooker for 90 minutes. Marco came over and watched Jessica butcher the meat. Billie was making the snapper with a stuffed zucchini flower. She had 35 snapper to fillet and pin bone. Marco came over, noticing she was struggling and gave her some tips.

Georgia was cooking her peaches and was about to put her sorbet on the stove, she was moving on to the puff pastry. She made a really big mistake. She had put the pastry in the fridge, but realised there was still a lot of butter left. She hadn’t used enough and had to start the pastry again.

Marco asked the teams who was in charge, and to ensure every team member helped each other. Reynold came over and helped Billie with the pin boning of the fish. Meanwhile, on the blue team, Jessica was struggling with the lamb dish and needed someone to come and help her out, but everyone was busy.

Sara has finally organised her own dish and has time to help Jessica. She begins helping and then realises that she hasn’t butterflied her prawns, so Jessica gets no help.

Matthew and Billie are making tortellini together. Marco tells everyone to stop, and as they look up they see the guests arriving for dinner. Billie is worried that they have nothing ready for the entree or main. The restaurant is full and both teams are still preparing. Matthew decides that everyone needs to stop what they are doing to help him.

Sara is panicking and knows she wont get her dish out on time so she calls on Georgia to help her. There is only 5 minutes to go. Matthew starts cooking the tortellini and Sara starts cooking her prawns. There’s one minute to go. Then suddenly the orders start coming in from the restaurant and Marco starts calling them out and shouting quickly, quickly.

It’s time for the judges to taste the poached prawns with champagne butter sauce from the red team. George loves the butter sauce, so does Gary. However Gary says his prawns are definitely overcooked.

Suddenly Marco is told that the ravioli is undercooked in Matthew’s dish. Some dishes have been sent back. Matthew replaces the ones that have come back but is worried about the ones he has already sent out, especially the ones that are on their way to the judges.

Next up for tasting is Matthew’s dish from the blue team, duck breast in a golden broth and duck and ginger tortellini. George says there are some nice flavours in there. Gary questions whether his tortellini is cooked or not, the other judges are happy with theirs.

All of the entrees have been sent out. Georgia returns to working on her dessert. She puts her puff pastry into the oven and eagerly watches to see if it puffs up. Matthew and Reynold continue to help Billie prepare their main dish. However Reynold is worried that he is running out of time to prepare his dessert.

It’s time to get the mains out. The red team sends out their fish dishes but the blue team is still not ready and Marco is waiting impatiently for 4 serves of lamb. Jessica tells Marco that there is still a 5 minute wait for the dishes. She is clearly upset and flustered.

The red team continues to send out dishes. Their dish is delivered to the judges. Its a snapper with roast tomatoes and a zucchini flower. Matt says oh wow! George says it’s beautiful. Gary says it is just absolutely smashing. However George and Gary found a few scales.

The blue team is still trying to get their main ready. The lamb is getting cold while they organise themselves. They are finally ready to start plating and are able to send their mains out.

The judges are ready to taste the slow cooked lamb with asparagus and mashed potatoes. However, Gary says that it is not good enough that they waited so long and that the food was cold. George did comment that it was a tasty dish.

Sara and Jessica are still plating up and they suddenly realise that there are not enough mashed potatoes. Marco did tell Jessica earlier that she should always make a little more but she ignored his advice and followed the recipe exactly. She is worried about telling him. Marco tells them to use some pea puree instead, as they had some pea puree left over from the entree. Finally the main course is complete. It’s time for dessert.

Sara and Jessica get straight into helping Georgia. Reynold is concerned that he is not going to get everything done on time so Billie and Matthew begin to help him. He is concerned about getting his doughnuts done, I’m not sure if he is going to cook them or not or leave them off the plate altogether.

The dessert orders start coming in. The blue team starts sending their desserts out. The red team is also plating up and sending out dishes. They did not put the doughnuts on the plate.

The judges receive their first dessert from the red team. It’s a vanilla creme brulee with berries and a yoghurt sorbet. Gary notices that the doughnuts are missing. However, he really loves the yoghurt sorbet. Matt says it is all done really well.

Marco shouts out to Georgia and asks her where the peach sorbet is. She has forgotten about it and it is still in the freezer. She has left off an entire element. They start plating desserts with the sorbet, however they have already sent some out without the sorbet.

The judges receive their final dessert, a caramelised peach tart with peach sorbet. George says it is a good dessert. Gary and George both love the puff pastry and Gary really enjoyed the sorbet. Matt says Georgia has pulled one out of the bag.

The dishes all go out. Service is over. Marco says he is very happy with their performance overall.

It’s judging time. The dish of the day belonged to Georgia and therefore the blue team has won today. The blue team will be competing for the final immunity pin. The red team will find out tomorrow what their fate will be.

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17 thoughts on “Masterchef Marco Pierre White Challenge

  • Kerry elliott

    Sorry as from tonight you have lost me. It was the most biased push for Georgia yet, and there have been many. No team effort by her and she wins again. Come on… Judges we can all see the outcome goodbye


    we have been watching master chef for years and did enjoy the show up until this 2015 season. It is so blatantly obvious that Georgia is favoured giving her an advantage over the other contestants. Why is Georgia the main commentator on the show. we are sick of seeing her give one of the others a chance to run commentary on the show. The Judges should be ashamed of themselves. There are five other very good cooks. If Georgia didn’t get the help she got from the other contestants she wouldn’t still be there, but she is happy to take all the glory. Perfect example tonight. We feel for the other contestants.

  • Lynda Turk

    Disappointing outcome. I watched Matthew’s team work as a TEAM and Georgia, who simply worked on her own dish for the entire programme, wins dish of the day which apparently won them the team (lower case) challenge. Whilst Reynold’s lack of doughnut was mentioned (he helped in both the entree, mains and dessert) there was no mention of the use of pea substitute (Marco’s suggestion) for potato on the last five lamb dishes or the desserts that went out without the ginger and verbena sorbet- remembering that it was again Marco who reminded them. Add to that the ladies were really late with their main course…goodness I don’t understand the bias of this particular challenge.

  • Lucy

    This was ridiculous. Georgia stuffed up the pastry and as a result set everyone back and wins dish of the day? It’s supposed to be a team challenge, but the judging was purely on the taste of each dish, not how they worked in the kitchen. Georgia is well overdue to leave.

  • Rupert Drew

    Georgia didn’t understand team work and they won because of one dish. This was unfair. It should have been the red team.

    • Catherine

      I agree with all about the special treatment of Georgia. I enjoy this Australian show, but last night it was so biased it was an insult to the intelligence of viewers. It was billed as a team effort, which working in a professional kitchen demands. However, strangely, the team which did just that admirably and still delivered 3 good meals, lost.
      Georgia, who made a massive error in calculating the amounts in her recipe was allowed to concentrate on fixing this by the rest of her team, who struggled massively together to get their 2 less than perfectly cooked dishes out. That team won and Georgia, working for Georgia, won the acclaim of the Judges. Go figure.

  • Mary Jane Starnes

    Last nights episode of Masterchef with Marco the red and blue team cooking for 120 people.
    I don’t understand the rules of Masterchef. In this episode is seemed the important aspects were getting the food out on time, not having the clients waiting for their food. And working as a team Marco stressed/demanded that of the teams.
    So the red team got their food up on time, and worked as a team all plating up and helping each other. The red team were late with their meals and didn’t work much as a team.
    I agree with all the other comments (well said) I am glad others see the inconsistencies. I would like and explanation on what basis the blue team won.
    It was totally unacknowledge Georgia’s dessert would have gone out with out the sherbet.
    I have given other inconsistencies the benefit of the doubt but this episode was blatant.

  • Ian

    What a dreadfully biased result in favour of Georgia – this was supposed to be a TEAM effort
    That will do me –
    I will stop watching MC from hereon

    SHAME on the so called Judges and why no input into the results from MPW?

  • Joan

    Regrettably last night’s show will be the last Master Chef we watch. The blatant favouritism shown to Georgia all the way through the series culminated last night when the team that she was part of served a cold main course late, and ran out of an ingredient, was declared the winner! Georgia’s sweet would have been without an ingredient had Chef not reminded her. She was also working on her sweet for most of “Team” challenge. Consequently, three of the best cooks will have to fight for a place tonight. Unfortunately one of them will go home.

      • Stuart Vaughan-Williams

        Absolutely correct. It you weigh the perfromance negatives of both teams, the wrong team was obvously given the win.
        Additionally, I am so tired of the constant repetition of footage and commentary and restatements of the obvious (e.g. this has to be perfect or else…..”. Duh! Filler, filler, filler.
        George eating with his knife and Gary holding his knife like a spoon are just poor etiquette and manners.
        The frequent use of ‘I’ where “me” is required, by both judges and contestants, demonstrates an ignorance of the most basic laws of English grammer.
        For these reasons, this show is painful to watch.

  • ShaZam

    The judges are so bias towards Georgia. Why? She’s not above the rest.
    Don’t tell the contestants that its a team challenge when the outcome is based on an individual dish.
    If Reynold didn’t help his team with the other courses he would have got the doughnut on the plate but took a step back to help the others so that service could be on time!

    • Stuart

      And that was a dish which was incomplete fro the first few diners and only then corrected when she was unfairly reminded by White

  • Cee

    Haha! I thought i was the only one who’s sick of seeing georgia being favoured and seeing her emotional outbursts are painful and irritating to watch and should have been edited.

  • Jo Cadzow

    We have just had this episode in England and my daughter and I were incredulous at the outcome. I am so disappointed at the lack of fairness and now the judges integrity is seriously in question. Rose was enough of a fiasco but to put the red team unto elimination is just plain wrong.