Masterchef Elimination Auction Georgia, Jessie, Reynold

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Georgia, Jessie and Reynold and it is an Auction. The contestants have 100 minutes and will have to bid on ingredients to use in their dishes tonight. The ingredients they win, they have to cook with and the left over minutes are how long they have to cook with.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The first round was proteins, Chicken, Eggs or Sardines. Reynold wanted the eggs, Georgia and Jessie both wanted the chicken. First up for sale was chicken, both girls were bidding heavily. Jessica won this for 25 minutes. Next was the sardines. Georgia put her paddle up for the sardines. She was confused though, she thought it was the eggs. She got them for 5 minutes and has to use them. Finally, Reynold gets the eggs for free.

Next were the fruit and vegetables. The first box were the night shades, Georgia won these for 5 minutes. Next was the citrus, Jessie knew Reynold wanted these, so made him bid up to 25 minutes. Jessie got the vegetables for free.

At this stage, Jessie and Reynold have 75 minutes and Georgia had 90 minutes,

Finally it was the spices, herbs and condiments. First to be auctioned were the spices. Jessie won these for 15 minutes, she had 60 minutes to cook her dish. Georgia wanted the herbs, Reynold knew this and bid her up. Georgia won them for 15 minutes and has 75 minutes. This means Reynold got the condiments for free and also had 75 minutes to cook.

Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight? Georgia and Reynold start cooking.

Reynold was making a frozen citrus curd with a sable crumb, Georgia wasn’t sure what she was making yet and after 15 minutes was just finishing filleting her sardines. She was in trouble. Gary told her to not to overthink it.

Jessie’s time has begun. She begins cooking her sauce. Reynold is still wondering how to make his dessert stand out as the judges have told him they’ve seen it all before. He decides to make meringue and will be incorporating balsamic vinegar into his dish.

The judges are worried at this stage about Jessie and Georgia’s progress. Matt questions whether Jessie’s dish is too simple. Jessie decides to make a caramelised parsley puree to be her extra stand out element.

Georgia is going to use tomatoes to make a tomato vinaigrette. However they are quite sweet and not vinegary enough. She begins to panic a little. She finds some tomatillos (small green tomatoes) and tastes them. They are quite acidic which is exactly what she is looking for.

Reynold has finished his citrus curd and has put it into the freezer. Jessie has tasted her sauce and is finding it too acidic. Georgia is making some “potato sand”. Jessie is making a puree. Georgia begins cooking her sardines. Jessie takes her chicken out of the oven and slices it open. Her chicken is still very raw. She puts it into a pan to cook. Gary tells her to put a lid onto it as well.

Reynold’s citrus curd has not set. The centre is all soft. He has tasted the curd and it is much more acidic than he had hoped. Georgia is making a herb butter to add to her dish. The contestants start plating up their dishes. Georgia forgets to put a sprig of dill on her plate.

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. The first dish to be tasted belongs to Reynold. He has made a balsamic and citrus dish. The judges taste his dish. Gary says everything is good. George says he loves the balsamic. Matt says it is a really good dish.

Next up is Georgia. She has made grilled sardines with tomatillo and a herb butter sauce. The judges taste her dish. George says it’s a simple dish. Matt says that using the tomatillos was a smart dish. Gary says it is a tasty and delicious dish. Matt says the herb butter sauce was not really necessary.

Finally it is Jessie’s turn. She has made roast chicken with parsnip puree and roasted parsnip chips. The judges taste the dish. Matt says the chicken is cooked absolutely perfectly. Although he says there is a bitterness in the sauce. Gary says it is delicious food. It seems like it will be a close decision for the judges today.

It’s time to find out who will be going home tonight. The best dish today belonged to Reynold. He is now in the top 6. It is now between Jessie and Georgia. Matt says Georgia’s downfall was adding the butter sauce. He said Jessie’s dish lacked originality and her sauce was bitter.

Jessie was eliminated from Masterchef tonight.


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