Masterchef Mystery Box Challenge Yotam Ottolenghi

It is the Masterchef Mystery Box challenge tonight and the guest chef tonight is Yotam Ottolenghi. What are the Mystert Box Ingredients tonight?

The Mystery Box ingredients tonight are:

  • Rose Water
  • Freekah
  • Tahini paste
  • Date Syrup
  • Sumac
  • Parsley
  • Eggplant
  • rack of lamb

The first dish tasted in this round was Michelle’s Tahini Ice cream with Brik Pastry. Yotam says this was an achievement, the most delicious thing. George and Matt agree. The next dish is Eliza, she made Whole roast smokey eggplant with a freekah salad with the Mystery Box ingredients. Matt loves the eggplant, Yotam agrees, he loves the salad. Next is Sarah, she made a Freekah crusted lamb with eggplant and sweet and sour sauce, she cooked the lamb well. Nex, they taste Karlie’s dish, Middle Eastern Crispy Eggplant. Yotam says she has captured “East meets Middle East”, it is original and should be on a restaurant menu. Ben’s dish is tasted, it is Sumac Lamb on Freekah Pesto.

Karlie has won the mystery box challenge. Karlie gets the advantage today in the invention test. Today’s challenge is for the contestants to cook something that is “stuffed”. Karlie gets an extra 30 minutes cooking time today. She also gets the advantage of one on one time with Yotam during her 30 minutes. Yotam says the key to today’s challenge is getting the perfect casing and the perfect filling. They have an open pantry and the garden is in play too.

Karlie is making a roasted and stuffed stone fruit and a stuffed pastry with ice-cream. Karlie’s 30 minute advantage is up and the rest of the contestants enter the kitchen. Pete is really struggling with ideas today. He decides to stuff a squid.

The first dish to be tasted is Tamara’s Baklava Toffee Apple. The judges love it. Michelle’s stuffed onions were good, as were several other dishes from Ben, Eliza and Sam. Then it comes to Eloise’s dish, she didn’t cook her tomato well at all. The judges cut it open, the meat inside is raw. Pete’s stuffed squid was raw. George was upset because he was starting to improve but he’s slipped in this challenge. Arum’s stuffed pork fillet is next. Matt doesn’t like pesto, but he loves this dish. Next is Ray’s dish, stuffed eye fillet stuffed with prunes and wrapped in prosciutto, it is well under cooked. Not only that, the judges didn’t like the dish at all.

The top three dishes tonight are by Karlie, Tamara and Diane and they will be going into the immunity pin challenge. The bottom three cooks will be going into elimination, they are Pete, Ray, Eloise.

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