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Tonight on Masterchef the contestants are met at the Masterchef house by George and Gary. George and Gary tell them that they are not resting today but are catering for the Masterchef gourmet cinema at Caulfield racecourse. The guests at the cinema will be watching “Masterchef’s greatest hits” featuring the best moments from Masterchef over the years. The teams need to cook three courses of finger foods. The teams will be blue and red and as they are uneven in numbers the team with the most people will cover 90 people and the other team will cover 75. Each team has to prepare 3 dishes, 2 savoury and 1 sweet. The losing team will go into tomorrow’s elimination. The teams are given time to plan their menu.

Matt is the captain of the red team. Brett is the captain of the blue team. Both teams head to Coles to pick up their proteins, both teams get eye filet and some fresh salmon. They head into the kitchen and begin preparing their dishes.

The blue team is making a Japanese inspired pavlova, a scorched salmon with rice and a grilled beef with a sauce.

The red team is making glazed salmon, butternut pumpkin puree with a fennel kim chi, a beef tataki with a sesame dressing and for dessert they are making a matcha parfait and lemon curd covered in chocolate.

The judges chat to Brett and can see that his menu is not very clear, they are feeling a bit concerned about his menu. Heather decides to step in and comes up with some accompaniments for the beef dish.

Elise from the red team has the difficult task of helping out with both the dessert and the mains. Karmen is mainly working on the dessert on her own. She hopes the parfait sets in time.

There’s 30 minutes left of preparation time. The red team feels like they are running out of time as the pin boning of the salmon fillets it taking a lot longer than they had hoped. The blue team has plated up a sample of their first dish, Gary comes along and asks how people are supposed to eat the dish, Harry tells them they can pick it up in their hands, Gary attempts to pick it up and it crumbles in his hands. It’s not looking good. They decide the rice base needs to be toasted longer.

The guests have all arrived and are seated in their deck chairs and bean bags. Matt welcomes them all to the movie night.

The teams are getting ready for service and are plating up their first dish. The first dishes go out to the guests and the judges.

The judges taste the blue team’s salmon dish. Gary says he loves the presentation. Matt says the pickled onions and avocado are great. Next they taste the red team’s salmon dish. George says he likes it. Matt loves the miso pumpkin puree. Gary likes the charred salmon and it’s cooked perfectly.

The teams start cooking the beef for their second course. Matt plates up a sample dish, George comes along and tries it. He complains that the beef pieces are too big and says that the guests are not seals. Matt decides to cut the beef up smaller.

The blue team starts slicing up their beef. Elena asks Brett if they think they have enough beef and suggests that we weigh the portions. Brett replies that they have no time.

The dishes go out to the guests and judges. The judges taste the red team’s beef dish. Gary likes the soy caramel on the dish. George likes that you can eat it easily with chopsticks. The blue team is in the kitchen and are worried as to how many portions they still have to serve. The judges taste the blue team’s beef dish. Gary enjoys the flavours, he thinks it’s a clever and pretty dish.

The blue team has run out of beef. They need another 10 portions. Brett is blaming himself as he is the captain. He cooks some more beef on the grill and the final 10 portions go out.

It’s time for dessert. All of the contestants are helping to prep and plate up the dishes. The red team is sending out their parfaits already. The blue team has sent out their pavlovas.

The judges taste the blue team’s pavlova. Gary says it’s great. George says he likes it, he likes the stone fruit and the black sesame. Gary loves the combination of uzu curd and apricots. Matt says it is a smashing little dish. Next they taste the red team’s matcha parfait. Gary comments that the chocolate is thick. Matt likes the ice-cream with a burst of lemon curd. Gary agrees and loves the lemon curd.

Suddenly the waiter runs in and tells the red team that they are 15 parfaits short. Matt is worried as he doesn’t think they have any left. They quickly rush and make some more, even some using offcuts. They are definitely not as nicely presented as the first ones that went out. Unfortunately the judges notice the dodgy looking ones that were sent out late and they are not impressed.

It’s time to find out which team has performed the best tonight. The blue team has won tonight. They are now in the Masterchef top 10. The red team is very disappointed as they are now going into an elimination. That is Matt, Elise, Mimi, Karmen and Trent.

source: twitter

source: twitter


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