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It is a Masterchef Immunity Challenge today between Trent, Elena, Matt and Karmen. One of these contestants will cook off to win the immunity pin.

Today they are competing in a skills test. The first test is to crack 12 eggs and keep the yolks, the second test is to rocher 5 scoops of ice-cream and the final task is to spin a 30cm conical tower of sugar.

Time starts and the contestants are frantically working away. Karmen is the first one to complete all the egss and is straight on to rochering the ice-cream. Now the other contestants are also up to the ice-cream. Karmen again is first to finish and she starts dissolving her sugar. Matt has completed his scoops but Gary comes to judge them and he is only happy with one of the five. Matt will have to start again. Elena is also through to the final round while Trent and Matt are still working away. Matt is finally through to the last challenge so is Trent. Everyone is up to the sugar spinning stage. The contestants are waiting for their sugar to caramelise. Karmen is the first one to start spinning her caramel. Trent tries his but it’s not working. Matt starts his and is going crazy, he has spun heaps of sugar. Matt wins the competition and will be competing for the immunity pin today.

Matt will now compete against a guest chef. From Le Ho Fook chef Victor Liong. Matt gets 75 minutes to cook the dish. Victor gets 60 minutes to cook the dish. Matt also gets to choose the core ingredients. Matt gets to choose from ingredients A-M or N-Z. He chooses the ingredients bench of A-M. He picks up a Kingfish straight away and is hoping to make a crispy skin Kingfish with a blue swimmer crab broth. He cleans and fillets the Kingfish and takes apart the blue swimmer crab.

Time starts for Victor. He gets to the ingredients bench and notices that some core Chinese food ingredients are missing. No soy sauce, no oyster sauce and no sesame oil. He grabs a crayfish, chilli, corriander and butter. He poaches the crayfish tail in some butter and then puts it into the oven. Matt is making his blue swimmer crab broth in a pressure cooker today. Victor takes out his crayfish and makes a sauce with his remaining butter but he knows his sauce is unbalanced. He is really missing the soy sauce. He goes back to the pantry and finds a tin of coconut cream. Victor adds the coconut cream to his sauce and is now happier with it. Matt feels he is running out of time as he still has a lot of elements to go still. Matt is passing his broth through a muslin cloth on the stove and doesn’t realise that his cloth has caught fire on a burner. The cloth goes up in flames and he tries to unsuccessfully put it out with his hands. Shannon tells him to go to the sink and put it out. He starts again with the remaining broth. Victor has only two elements to his dish and Shannon questions him if the judges will think he’s done enough. So he decides to add a fresh element to the dish. He gets a cauliflower and some mushrooms from the pantry bench. Matt puts his Kingfish into a frypan. He then fries up some enoki mushrooms to add some crunch to the dish. Both Matt and Victor begin to plate up their dishes. Time is up! Victor is still worried that his dish might be too simple.

It’s time for the judges to taste the first dish. The first dish belongs to Victor, he has made a roasted crayfish with a coconut sauce. The judges are impressed with how the dish looks. The judges taste the dish. They all like the dish. Matt particularly likes the sauce. George likes the crayfish. Gary says he could eat that dish again and again. The next dish comes in, it’s Matt’s dish. He has made a crispy skin kingfish with a blue swimmer crab broth. Gary and Matt comment straight away that the broth is really really good. The judges seem to be having trouble debating about which dish is the best.

It’s time to find out the judges scores.

Matt’s scores are first.

Gary- 9/10

George- 9/10

Matt- 9/10

Total score of 27/30

Now Victor’s scores.

Gary- 10/10

George- 10/10


Total score of 30/30, the judges must have absolutely loved it!

Victor Liong wins the immunity pin challenge today.

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One thought on “Masterchef Immunity Pin Trent, Elena, Matt, Karmen

  • Geoff Medhurst

    I think the whole concept of the immunity pin challenge is an utter farce. There is no way that a top professional chef such as Victor Liong is going to be named runner up in a cooking contest with an amateur.
    Come on, get real, for a contestant to score an immunity pin his/her task is impossible the way the challenge is presently structured. How gullible do you think your viewers are?
    To make the contest even more fake the judges come up with exactly the same score, 9’s for the contestant and of course 10’s for the celebrity chef. Would you expect it to be any other way?
    IMHO the contest for an immunity pin should be between the contestant challenger and a past Masterchef winner (assuming they have not yet reached the celebrity heights where second prize would be considered demeaning)
    Let’s level the playing field and introduce a little fairness into Masterchef.