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Tonight’s Masterchef elimination is a cook off between Theresa, Heather, Chloe and Anastasia. The challenge is set by 17 year old chef Flynn McGarry. Who will be eliminated from masterchef tonight?

It is Anastasia’s first pressure test in the competition.

New York chef, Flynn McGarry is only 17 years old. He started cooking in restaurants at age 11 and is on the list of most influential teens. He walks in with a cloche, his dish tonight is beet wellington.

The contestants have 2 1/2 hours to cook the 62 step dish. Theresa starts by annotating the recipe, but doesn’t read the whole thing. Anastasia keeps a level head, although its her first pressure test, she knows she has to follow the recipe precisely. Heather only reads the recipe step by step.

Theresa juices her beetroot and puts it in the pressure cooker. Anastasia is falling behind, she is still peeling her beetroot while all the others have finished it. She keeps reading the recipe instead of trusting her instincts. Heather gets started on her puff pastry. Theresa is also on her puff pastry but she is unsure about the size of the chunks of butter. Anastasia is working really hard to catch up to the others and she is also up to her puff pastry. Theresa charrs her beetroot and onion and puts them into a pot with boiling water to make her sauce. Chloe is rushing and has spilt her sauce mix on the bench and she does it twice. Gary tells her to measure out the sauce to see if she has enough and she is 50ml short. She is not sure what to do. She decides to run the beetroot under water and try and squeeze out a little more to make the 500ml. The other girls have gotten their beet wellington’s in the oven but Anastasia has not gotten hers in yet. She is losing it and breaks down. George comes along and gives her a pep talk and she decides to use her intuition more than the recipe.

Heather has gotten started on her date roulade. There is only 15 minutes left. Chloe is not sure of the cut required to cut the beet leaves so she cooks them in the cream whole but then later chops them up. There’s 5 minutes left now. Theresa cuts into her beet wellington and she is happy with how it is cooked. The girls start plating up. Time is up! All of them were able to complete the dish. Anastasia knows her plating is not quite right but she hopes the flavours will keep her in the competition.

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. Heather is up first. Flynn says her dish looks really good. The judges taste the dish. Gary says wow. Flynn says she really nailed the sauce and it has a great depth of flavour. Next up it’s Chloe. Flynn notices straight away that the sauce is a little watery. The judges taste the dish. Gary says the presentation of the dish was good. Flynn says the sauce is not quite perfect as it’s too watery. Her beet leaves were undercooked. Next up is Theresa. The judges are happy with the overall look of her dish. Gary says he likes the thin pastry and the beet ball. They all think she did a great job. The final dish belongs to Anastasia. The judges say if it was a challenge based purely on looks that she would be going home but it’s not and they taste the dish. Gary says the dish is not a disaster. Flynn says the wellington was cooked really well but the greens were a little salty and the dates weren’t smoky enough.

It’s time to find out who will be eliminated from masterchef. The judges say Theresa and Heather both did a brilliant job. So it’s now between Chloe and Anastasia.

Anastasia has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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One thought on “Masterchef Elimination Theresa, Heather, Chloe, Anastasia

  • Tom

    So let me get this straight, your not allowed to be on Masterchef if you’ve had previous Experience in a professional kitchen or with a professional chef, but after Theresa was eliminated she worked in Reynolds kitchen koi, and also worked in other professional kitchens, so how is she allowed back into Masterchef?