Masterchef Elimination, Mimi, Theresa and Trent

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source: twitter

Tonight on Masterchef Mimi, Theresa and Trent all compete in an elimination challenge. They arrive at Masterchef headquarters and are greeted by the judges. Matt says tonight’s pressure test is very difficult and then he announces tonight’s guest chef as Peter Gilmore from Quay restaurant in Sydney. Peter walks in with something hidden under a cloche. He reveals it as a cherry-jam lamington. They cut it open and can see ice-cream inside. The contestants have 2 hours to reproduce the dish tonight.

Mimi starts straight away and is feeling quite confident today. Trent is also feeling reasonably comfortable considering this is his first pressure test. Theresa is feeling quite nervous about tonight’s pressure test. Mimi gets her cherry ice-cream into the churner and gets started on her sponge. Trent also gets his ice-cream into the churner and both Trent and Mimi get their sponges into the oven. Mimi has forgotten to press start on her timer for the sponge and she has no idea how long it has been in the oven. She thinks she put her sponge in at the same time as Trent and he has kindly offered to let her know when his timer goes off.

Theresa is taking all of the pips out of her cherries for the cherry jam but she is getting frustrated at how long it is taking. Trent gets started on the parfait for the coconut shavings. Mimi starts her coconut parfait and then realises that she has read her recipe wrong. She hopes she can fix the recipe by adding some more double cream. She puts it in the blast chiller and hopes that it sets on time. Theresa’s cherry ice-cream is still churning. Peter Gilmore comes along and tastes it and tells her that it tastes “interesting”. There’s 30 minutes to go. Trent gets started on the chocolate coating for the lamington. Theresa finally takes her ice-cream out of the churner and puts it into the freezer. Trent has all of his elements done, he now begins plating up. He shaves his coconut parfait over liquid nitrogen to get them to set. Mimi has assembled the cake part of her lamington but is having trouble shaving her parfait. There’s 5 minutes to go. Theresa shaves her parfait too and she is very happy with it. She tastes her cherry jam and thinks it’s a little too sweet and she’s not sure why. Mimi tries one more time to shave her parfait before the time runs out. She is thrilled as it finally starts working for her. There’s 30 seconds remaining. They all glaze their lamington before the time runs out.

It’s time to find out what the judges think and who will be eliminated tonight. Trent is up first. He plates up his dish with the shaved coconut parfait. The judges taste the dish. Pete says it’s a pretty good effort. Gary loves the coconut shards and Peter says all of the elements are there, it’s just been mixed differently. Overall he says it’s a very good job. Mimi is up next. She is feeling confident with her dish tonight. Mimi plates up the coconut shards around the lamington but she doesn’t add too many shards. The judges comment that the dish doesn’t look great. Peter comments the he wonders why she didn’t add more of the coconut shavings. The judges taste the dish. Peter says her shards were really good. Gary says the ice-cream was great and George says the jam stands out. Finally it’s Theresa’s turn. The judges like the look of the dish. They taste the dish. George says the glaze was tasty. Peter comments that the sharpness is not there with the jam and her ice-cream is super sweet. Matt says there is acidity missing in the dish.

Who will be eliminated tonight? It’s time to find out. Theresa has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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