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Masterchef Elimination

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Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Elena, Zoe and Elise. They have to cook a dish by Ross Lusted in a two-cloche challenge.

The contestants arrive at Masterchef headquarters and Elena, Zoe and Elise are greeted by the judges. Anastasia is also there as she has the power apron and is able to use it’s power today. Ross Lusted arrives with his two cloches. He says the dishes are both quite difficult. Anastasia’s power today is to choose between the two dishes that Ross has prepared. He has made a chicken duckling with ginger fried rice. And a perfumed stone fruit with elderflower. So she needs to either choose a sweet or a savoury dish for the contestants. She chooses the perfumed stone fruit. She says she knows all three girls like cooking desserts. The dish contains nectarine sorbet, burnt peach butter, Indonesian layer cake biscuits and a fruit syrup.

Their time begins. All three girls begin the peach biscuit. Already Elise is rushing and making mistakes. She realises that something has gone wrong with her batter. She needs to decide whether to start again. Elise decides that she does not have enough time to re-do her batter and she strains the mixtures instead. Elena is worried that she has fallen behind and is starting to get nervous. She is reading the recipe but is second guessing herself. Elise is also very frazzled and is making more mistakes. Zoe doesn’t think she has enough nectarine flesh for the sorbet so she halves the recipe.

The girls get their charcoal grills ready. They place the slices of peach on tip and need to burn the outside of the peaches.

masterchef elimination who is going home

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There’s one hour remaining. Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight?

Elena is still running behind, she hasn’t gotten her charcoal grill ready yet. She is starting to get really emotional and is going to lose it in a minute especially with all the other contestants on the balcony telling her to constantly hurry up. Elena attempts to recompose herself and takes two minutes break before getting back into cooking. Zoe takes her cake out of the oven and it is cooked well. Elise’s cake doesn’t look quite right. Elena hasn’t gotten her sorbet into the churner, there’s 33 minutes on the clock and the mix needs 30 minutes to churn.

The girls slice their cake on a large slicer, then cut them into a circle and bake them again in the oven to form the biscuit. All of a sudden time is up. The girls now have 5 minutes to plate their dish up before it is served.

The first dish up belongs to Elena. She needs to plate up her dish. Elena walks her dish in to the judges. The judges are happy with how the dish looks. They comment on how nice the sorbet is. Ross says the fruit was cut early and had lost some of it’s fresh flavour.

Zoe is up next. As she is plating up her dish she discovers that her syrup has over reduced and turned into something similar to a caramel. She puts it into the microwave to soften it and it works a little but when she plates it up it looks thick and sticky. The judges can see that the syrup is way too thick straight away. They comment that the sorbet is a little floury. Gary says the biscuits are light and transparent.

Finally it’s Elise’s turn to plate up. The judges taste the dish. Gary says the syrup and the sorbet are good. George says the peach butter is ashy and grainy. The judges decide that it is between Zoe’s syrup and Elise’s peach butter. It seems that Elena is safe tonight.

It’s time to find out who is going home tonight. Zoe has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Masterchef Elimination Elena, Zoe and Elise

  • not a fan and never will be

    Show is a joke how could they send zoe off when the other two had nothing but stuff ups. Once again you can pick the favourites and it does not matterf what they cvook they alwazys get through.