Masterchef elimination – Charlie vs Theresa vs Brett

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Tonight’s Masterchef elimination is Charlie vs Theresa vs Brett in a pressure test. The contestants have never been in a pressure test before although it is Charlie’s fourth time in an elimination. Tonight’s guest chef is Jason Atherton. He has 19 restaurants on four continents and has worked with Marco Pierre White. Jason walks in with a large cloche. He says the dish looks simple but there is a lot of hard work involved in the dish.

He reveals the dish quail afternoon tea. It contains quail, a duck tea, a savoury parfait, a pearl barley mushroom porridge and a slow cooked quail egg. The contestants have three hours to reproduce the dish.

All three contestants get straight into it. Charlie is making his savoury parfait, the judges are concerned that he has not strained the mix and give him hints to see if he can fix his mistake but he has no idea what they are implying. Brett is also making his parfait and is passing his through a sieve. There already only 2 hours remaining.

Charlie has made his mushroom puree although he didn’t use all of the mushrooms so it has turned out funny. He realises his mistake but doesn’t have time to fix it. Brett’s puree in contrast looks really good.

Theresa is working away at her own pace making sure she completes the steps well. Charlie produces a good consume and Jason is impressed. Jason is also impressed with Theresa’s parfait.

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The judges notice that something is wrong with Brett’s parfait mix and comment that it will probably taste quite different to Jason’s parfait. Brett suddenly realises his mistake and hopes that he will have time to remake the parfait later on. He gets started on his consume.

There’s an hour to go.

Theresa is still taking her time and the contestants on the balcony are yelling at her to go faster. Charlie is up to his soft boiled quail eggs and he is having trouble peeling the eggs, he keeps breaking them.

Poor Brett lets the pressure gets to him and he breaks down. He says he didn’t think it would be this hard. Jason goes up to him and gives him a hug and some encouragement. He thinks of his daughters and manages to pull himself together. There’s only 10 minutes remaining. Charlie has already broken 11 quail eggs and is peeling his final one. He finally has a quail egg peeled. Theresa realises that she will not be able to get her quail egg done. Charlie takes his parfait out and realises the consistency is all wrong, he says it looks like cat food. The contestants start plating up their dishes. Time is up!

Theresa is up first. She is worried because she hasn’t put the quail egg on and then she suddenly realises she’s left her teabag back on her bench. The judges taste her dish. Jason said all the textures were there and the quail was cooked perfectly. Gary agrees and says she has nailed the parfait. George says it is a shame she has missed the quail egg and the tea bag.

Brett is up next. The judges taste his dish. Jason says Brett has done a really great job, the egg was perfect, the parfait doesn’t look great but tasted good. Matt says it is absolutely delicious. All the judges agree that he has done a really good job.

Next up is Charlie. The judges comment that his parfait looks terrible and is a disaster. Charlie knows his parfait is bad and hopes it is not the thing that sends him home. Jason says the consume is one of the best that he has tasted, the egg was nice and runny but the parfait is a bit rough as he did not pass it through the sieve. Gary says the pearl barley risotto was not mushroomy enough.

It’s time to find out who is eliminated from Masterchef Australia tonight. Gary says there was one dish that nailed all the big powerful flavours and that dish belongs to Brett. Brett is safe tonight. So now it’s between Charlie and Theresa. Theresa has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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