Puckapunyal Army Challenge 1

Tonight’s Masterchef was at the Puckapunyal military base. The contestants were divided into two teams, red and blue. The winners go straight through to next week. The losing team will go into the next challenge, where the bottom three will go to an elimination challenge.

Stephen was captain of the blue team. The blue team were cooked a beef fillet with macadamia puree and seasoned vegetables recipe. Gary questioned the puree, but Steven stuck with it.

The beef was cooked perfectly. Matt loved the freshness of the vegetables, it was a really nice dish. George said it was a smart dish for this number of people.

Matthew was the leader of the red team. They are making lamb rack with asparagus and a red wine jus. When their dish came to the table it was undercooked. It wasn’t in the sous vide long enough and it wasn’t caramelised. The asparagus was good and there was a bit of depth in the dish, but there was nothing to tie the dish together.

For dessert, the blue team made a berry melba with meringue shards and a crumble recipe. It was “wonderful” the judges were all very happy with that.

The red team made a golden syrup semifreddo. Matt said it was brilliant, he had never had anything like it before. Gary loved the crumble and rhubarb that accompanied the dish.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save them. Red team lost and are up for elimination tomorrow night.

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One thought on “Puckapunyal Army Challenge

  • Frank

    Where is the recipe for the Golden Syrup Semifreddo with rhubarb and crumble? Other recipes are on the Masterchef website, but this one is missing.