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Tonight was the third Masterchef elimination for 2015 and it involves an uber salad. The first round was the salad challenge, the contestants had to make a salad worthy of sitting in the middle of the table. The bottom four will have to go to the next round, where one will be eliminated. Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight? The contestants in this elimination challenge were the losing team from last night: Ashleigh, Amy, Kha, Rose, Georgia, Melita, Jacqui, Sara and others.

Kha made a picked carrot and daikon salad. Amy was making a fig salad, she was cooking them in the oven, but they went all soggy. Georgia’s carrots are cooking perfectly and she is making a yoghurt and tahini dressing. Rose cut up all her vegetables and everything has gone soggy. Melita is struggling with the ideas for her salad.

Georgia is first up and she has cooked a carrot salad. Gary is really impressed and says its yummy. The other judges really like it too. Next up is Jacqui with a couscous salad. The judges love it. Kha has made a pickled daikon salad and George straight away questions the way the vegetables have been cut. Matthew has made a beetroot salad. has made a filipino salad. Melita has made a thai pork salad. Anna has made a fig salad. Ashleigh has made a quinoa and baby carrot salad and the judges just absolutely love it. George says its a cracking dish and he is going to train his chefs how to make it. Amy has made a fig salad, but the figs are over cooked. Rose has made a fennel and orange salad but the judges werent really impressed. Sara has made a tomato salad, George says it looks all mushed up. He demonstrates how her dish should be plated up.

The three cooks who are safe and had the best dishes are Jacqui, Georgia and Ashleigh.

The next safe contestants are Matthew, John and Anna.

There are five contestants remaining, the last safe person is Melita.

In round two Sara, Rose, Kha and Amy have to pick from a category and then they have three choices. It determines what everyone cooks. The contestants can choose from Spanish, Vietnamese and French. The proteins are quail, veal and prawns. The time limits are various and the equipment options are oven, deep fryer or stove top.

Sara is first up, she chooses a protein. She chooses quail.

Kha is up next, he chooses the cuisine, and of course he chooses Vietnamese.

Rose chooses the equipment of cooktop.

Amy is last and gets to choose 45 minutes.

The contestants need to now come up with a dish using the above requirements.

Kha is making a pan fried quail with a caramel sauce.

Rose is making Vietnamese salad with poached quail.

Sara is making a marinated and charred quail with a Vietnamese salad.

Amy is making a spiced barbecue quail.

First up at the judges table is Rose and her Vietnamese salad and poached quail. She is afraid she will be going home today. The judges are happy that her presentation skills are improving. The judges comment on how the quail is really dry. The flavours are all out of balance.

Next up is Sara with a marinated and charred qual with a Vietnamese noodle salad. Gary loves it and doesn’t want to stop eating it. Matt says its light and fresh and the quail is the star of the dish as it’s beautifully cooked.

Amy has cooked a spiced barbecue quail with nuoc cham dipping sauce. George says the dish looks really good. Matt says a big “oh yeah”. George says its very tasty. Gary comments that the quail is perfectly cooked. They all agree that it’s a great  dish.

Kha is up last. He has cooked a pan fried quail with a Vietnamese caramel. He admits that he doesn’t cook Vietnamese very often at home. Gary says that the quail needs to be cooked perfectly. Gary says the quail is a little bit undercooked. George says he has frenched the quail legs well but he doesn’t like the dish overall. Matt wants to know where the caramel is.

Sara and Amy both cooked excellent dishes and are safe which leaves Rose and Kha. One of them are going home. Kha’s dish was undercooked and Rose’s was overcooked. It came down to flavour and Rose’s dish had better flavour. Kha was eliminated from masterchef tonight.





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  • Shannon Shepherdson

    Could I please have the recipe for the quinoa & baby carrot salad with yogurt & tahini dressing. It is not on the website. Thankyou