MasterChef Team Challenge – Abbotsford Convent

Tonight’s MastChef Team Challenge was at the Abbotsford Convent. The two teams will battle it out, and the loser will go to elimination tomorrow night.

Red team is captained by Sara. Blue team is captained by Ava. Both teams have arrived at the convent and have begun baking their bread. They also preparing pies, pizzas and sweets to sell.

Red team is cooking chicken and bacon pies and pizza with sopressa and bocconcini or zucchini and ricotta. For sweets they are making a chocolate swiss roll and lemon shortbread.

Blue team is making a chicken and leek pie and a caramelised onion, blue cheese and pear pizza. For sweets they are making brownies and lemon tarts.

Blue team is struggling and they realise they will not have pies ready to serve on time. They only have brownies to serve and the store is open. Finally the pies and pizzas start coming out of the kitchen, some customers had been waiting around 45 minutes.

The red team sells out of their pies and cooks a second batch using the remaining pastry scraps. The second batch look cooked beautifully but they are stuck in the tins and breaking apart, they cannot be served to the customers.

Sara has the idea to sell the pies as “deconstructed” and sells them at a discounted price.

Time is running out and both teams start spruiking and selling their items at a reduced price.

The challenge finishes and it’s time to tally up the money.

Blue team made $2565.75

Red team made $3205.80

The winner of the team challenge is the red team.

Blue team is going into the elimination challenge tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s elimination challenge is a Thai cooking challenge.



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